India vs Pakistan Super 4 On Sunday, 4th September. Are You Ready To Book Tickets? It’s Official now!

India Vs Pakistan 2022 Once again on Sep 4th 2022
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There is a chance of India vs Pakistan once again to fight in the Ring of Fire, Dubai? Yes, It may be surprise you, but plenty of chance for India vs Pakistan will be back in no-time here in Dubai. This Asia Cup 2022 is going to be please memory for more cricket fans and fraternity in the world.

Super 4

| September 4


Here’s how India can face Pakistan in Asia Cup 2022 league match once again. India and Pakistan teams are likely to play twice more in Asia Cup 2022 apart from the last Sunday high-octance neck-to-neck Match. As per Asia Cup schedule A1 VS A2 is likely to happen on coming Sunday 4th Sep, 2022 at Dubai Cricket Stadium.

Want to watch another Pakistan vs India cricket match? Is there a chance? Answer is YES!!!


When is the Next India Vs Pakistan Match?

Worried about not being able to watch the India-Pakistan match live from Dubai stadium? Another chances are there! This time on Sunday 4th September, 2022.

India won the first match by 5 wickets on the First match of India and Pakistan in Asia cup 2022 in Dubai.

Will Pakistan win this time and retaliate on this coming sunday? India Vs Pakistan, we cannot see a more interesting sports match than this in the entire world for the cricket lovers.

Check out the schedule for Asia Cup 2022

DateMatch No.Match DetailsVenueTime (IST)
17-AugT20 1 of 13SL vs AFGDubai International Stadiu, Dubai7:30 PM
28-AugT20 2 of 13IND vs PAKDubai International Stadiu, Dubai7:30 PM 
30-AugT20 3 of 13BAN vs AFGSharjah Cricket Stadium, Sharjah7:30 PM
31-AugT20 4 of 13India vs QualifierDubai International Stadiu, Dubai7:30 PM 
1-SepT20 5 of 13SL vs BANDubai International Stadiu, Dubai7:30 PM
2-SepT20 6 of 13Pakistan vs QualifierSharjah Cricket Stadium, Sharjah7:30 PM
3-SepT20 7 of 13B1 vs B2Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Sharjah7:30 PM
4-SepT20 8 of 13A1 vs A2Dubai International Stadium, Dubai7:30 PM
6-SepT20 9 of 13A1 vs B1Dubai International Stadium, Dubai7:30 PM
7-SepT20 10 of 13A2 vs B2Dubai International Stadium. Dubai7:30 PM
8-SepT20 11 of 13A1 vs B2Dubai International Stadium, Dubai7:30 PM
9-SepT20 12 of 13B1 vs A2Dubai International Stadium, Dubai7:30 PM
11-SepT20 13 of 13FinalDubai International Stadium, Dubai7:30 PM

Asia Cup Standings

T20 8 of 13 match in the Asia Cup 2022 will probably be with INDIA vs PAKISTAN.

Dubai International Stadium, Dubai is all set to make this happened. Are you guys are ready to cheer your favourite team once again???

This is the first time in many years, IND vs PAK match in frequent timing…

Watch IND VS PAK Last 3 Balls

Ticket for India Vs Pakistan Match on Sep 4, 2022

India vs Pakistan ticket price starting from AED 550.00 (AED 250 Tickets are already Sold Out). Hospitaly ticket starts from AED 2,500 and maximum price for the available tickets are AED 6,500 in Dubai. Ticket price for India vs Pakistan was also sold in high cost in Dubai due to demand.

Currently Available Tickets on Platinumlist

Ticket TypeTicket Price
Premium550.00 AED
The Grand Lounge (Hospitality Experience)2,500.00 AED
Sky Box – Lounge (Hospitality Experience)4,800.00 AED
VIP Suite (Hospitality Experience)6,500.00 AED

Ticket for India Vs Pakistan is always in demand. Hope, you all rememeber the August 15th Platinumlist Crash due to heavy traffic for India vs Pakistan Tickets then later, they have introduced the Queue system.

IND vs PAK Back in No-Time

Are you ready to book your tickets? People from India & Pakistan can plan your trip to Dubai, watch and enjoy the short travel in Dubai – The Dynamic City.

India vs Pakistan in Final

India vs Pakistan in Final: If everything goes well with Asia Cup 2022, India and Pakistan could still face off in the final of Asia Cup in Dubai. Get ready once again for the Asia Cup T20 match between India and Pakistan.

Scenarios for IND vs PAK Once Agains

These is just a prediction about A1 and A2 Schedule. This is not an official statement and confirmation about the schedule, purely a fan boy prediction, expectation and assumption about the next few matches and upcoming IND vs PAK match in Asia CUP. Scenarios are

  • India needs to beat Hong Kong on tomorrow 31st August 2022
  • Pakistan should win against Hong Kong on 2nd September 2022
  • If this happens, there is a chance for IND vs PAK on 4th September 2022

Not Just Double Damaka. It’s going to be a Triple Treat, especially for Cricket fans across United Arab Emirates.

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