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Denied Entry for The Bharath Army Cricket Fans to Dubai International Stadium during Asia Cup Final 2022 – Watch Video

Denied Entry for The Bharath Army
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Denied Entry for The Bharath Army at Dubai Cricket Stadium: Cricket fans from The Bharath Army wearing Indian jerseys were denied entry to the Dubai International Cricket Stadium on Sunday for the Asia Cup 2022 final between Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

Bharat Army, a well-known fan group of the Indian cricket team, shared the details of the incident on their Twitter account.

‘Wear Pakistan or SL Jersey to Watch the Match’ – Indian Fans Denied Entry for SL vs PAK Asia Cup Final.

India failed to reach the finals of the prestigious Asia Cup tournament after losing to Pakistan and Sri Lanka in the Super 4. However, many Indian fans bought tickets for the final to witness quality cricket but were hassled by security as they were wearing Indian jerseys and were not allowed to enter the stadium for the mega clash tonight.

Dubai is a City of Tolerance: Drive through the city’s boulevards and you’ll see billboards celebrating the “Year of Tolerance”; You can also find the “Bridge of Tolerance“. Talk to residents and you’ll learn that school children are assigned tolerance programs and artists are encouraged to produce works about Tolerance. This incident is surprising to see.

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