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Dinesh Karthik bowed to Hardik Pandya after the match against Pakistan | Watch

Hardik Pandyaโ€™s appointment as captain
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Dinesh Karthik bowed to Hardik: Indian wicket-keeper and the greatest finisher of IPL 2022 Dinesh Karthik bowed out after Hardik Pandya hit a six in the last over to finish match and win against Pakistan in Asia Cup 2022 here in Dubai, UAE.

Hardik Pandya finishes things off in style! Congratulations Team India for Yet another victory over Pakistan. Indian is unbeaten in Asia Cup continues.

Acknowledging Pandya’s efforts is a greatest and the kindest one when it comes from the senior player like Dinesh Karthik. Karthik is the only person to play T20 cricket since the first match of the T20I Batch. He is the first Indian T20 Players to adjourned as Man of the Match in T20 for India.

Star of the Match

The way he finished off the game was great, Babar Azam says about the Indian all-rounder

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