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Platinumlist: Big Queue for Asia Cup Tickets To book Online! How it works? Step By Step!

Platinumlist Tickets
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Big Queue for Asia Cup Tickets: Platinumlist is facing Big Queue for Asia Cup Tickets Booking due to High demand and expectations among Cricket Fans across the globe.

Asia Cup in UAE: Ticket sales for cricket matches in Dubai, Sharjah to begin shortly


Asia Cup 2022 Tickets

Asia Cup 2022 Schedule: Asia Cup 2022 will be played in Dubai and Sharjah between August 27 and September 11. In 2018, the tournament was conducted in Dubai and Abu Dhabi between September 15-28. The Asia Cup 2022 will commence on 27 August in UAE with the final set to be played on September 11. 

In Asia Cup 2022, Total five teams are playing in the Asia Cup. Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh are the teams playing in 2022 edition of the Asia Cup.

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Platinumlist ticket has introduced the queueing system for Asia Cup tickets for 2022 edition in UAE. Due to high in Demand and huge expectation about the prestigious series, platinumlist is getting more visitors in a short span of time.

Tickets can be booked on

Platinumlist Queue System for Asia Cup Ticket Booking

When you entered into the platinumlist website for Asia Cup Ticket page. You will moved into the queueing system which will generate the token for you.

Website will generate a in line number (Six digit) with timing for the queue how long you have to wait based on the FIFO (First In First Out)

You will get the message like…

Hold on tight, you’re almost there!

You have been placed in a queue, along with other excited fans, to buy tickets. Please wait a few minutes to proceed with your purchase.
Thank you so much for your patience.

Your number in line : 625230

Expected arrival time on the website: 9:01 AM
Your estimated wait time is: 10 minutes

Then after a beep sound, you will get the below message…

Your turn started at

Please confirm that you want to proceed to the site as soon as possible


It is your turn You’re almost there. You will be redirected to the website as soon as possible.

That’s it. Within few seconds you will be able entered in to the Platinumlist website and book the tickets for Asia Cup 2022.


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