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Virat Kohli’s century has quenched the thirst of Cricket, not just India fans

Virat Kohli's century has quenched the thirst of Cricket

Virat Kohli’s century: Different dates mean different things for different people. In that regard, September 28, 2022, will be no different.

It will remain, perhaps for the longest time, the date that’ll remind the English about the most sombre piece of development for all of England: the passing of the Queen.

It’ll be recollected for being the date immediately after which the once famous Twin Towers fell at the back of the worst possible terrorist attack perpetrated on American soil.

But beyond tears, bloodshed and tragedy, September 8 shall, for the longest time, be remembered as the date that united Cricket fans with their long lost smile.

Virat Kohli Finally Returned to form

It shall be revered for being the date where Virat Kohli finally returned to big scoring ways.

Virat Kohli’s century after a gap of well over 1,000 days, India’s batting star became the galaxy he’d been all his life before a spectacular lull came to dent his glowing career.

In a sport where records are celebrated and cricketers worshipped for perhaps every little thing they say or do, Kohli’s not doing anything special with the bat for nearly three years generated just as much talk.

Not that any of it was savoured; it was dreadful.

Like a long lost lover separated by the love of his life. Which is when the events in Dubai shaped the firmament of the whole wide cricketing world in some ways.

Of the 212 runs that his Team India gathered against an unsuspecting Afghanistan, Kohli conjured 122 on his own.

Just in Ten Overs

And he took ten overs to generate those runs. Ten overs. That’s it.

On September 8, 2022 the bearded mauler of the cricket ball turned into a T-Rex wielding the cricket bat whose ultimate intent seemed set on one cause and one alone: the destruction of Afghanistan.

In the end that’s just what the doctor ordered, though not something the Afghans were prepared for.

In being forced to swallow a pill that ultimately proved to be bitter, Afghanistan had nowhere to hide; Koing Kohli was on song.

Twelve fours and six sixes later, the very man who had been called names, all sorts of things, denigrated and even told to leave for having failed to make a three-figure mark was the reason for everyone sitting inside the stadium.

Surely, die-hard fans back home who weren’t there to witness the hammering by the king felt they were batting with Kohli.

Those who saw live scenes may have somewhere felt rescued; for it was such a spiritual experience.

The coming together of a cricket crazy world to witness the coming up of a century that almost rescued an embattled career and with it, joy from the confines of sadness.

International Cricket Passport

Kohli’s Dubai century was the international passport Cricket needed for a jetsetting adventure.

We’d seen it 70 times before in international cricket, but the wait for the seventy first was much worse. Honestly, to the intrepid fan it seemed something as terrifying as being scanned for a virus during peak COVID outbreak or getting stuck in a 10-km long traffic jam with no signals whatsoever whilst beginning the Monday morning regimen.

Hell, for the Indian fan, could have worn a different face. Instead it came, time and again, uninvited like an over-friendly guest on the door.

Now that Virat’s fired a Virat-sized knock, he’s opened the very door to shut out the critics that had overstayed their welcome.

Relief, therefore, is not even a word that associates with Virat Kohli. For what he’s done, in the context of what he has endured, is phenomenal.

Kohli as their Biggest Fear

And a phenomena he certainly has been: a former all format captain, a chase master, an inspirer of hope, a batsman who smashed opponents with the vehemence of a rioteer.

But guess what? In well over a decade of doing so, Kohli’s not done yet.

Just that Afghanistan found this out the hard way but those who cheered while Afghans had Kohli as their biggest fear, couldn’t stop smiling.

And maybe they shouldn’t; for the King, as he’s called, is back to his very best!

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