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Big Bash League 2020 BBL: Buy Tickets and Book Online Ticket

BBL Draft Players Announced - Tickets & Price
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Big Bash League 2020 Ticket Online Booking:

Big Bash League Ticket 2020 Online Booking: BBL 2020 makes official distribution with ticket partners in Australia to sell ticket online or booking through online, even they also sell ticket’s directly on their official online website  and other websites links to Book BBL 2020 Australia tickets. Surprisingly, this time fans are allowed 100% to watch and enjoy from the ground in Australia. (Approval received from Government – News). BBL 2020/21 squads, the complete team lists for every Big Bash League side

2020-21 BBL, the 10th edition of the Big Bash League, is scheduled to be held from 10th December 2020 to February 2021: here are the complete squad and team list for BBL 2020/21

KFC Big Bash League 2020/21
BBL – Big Bash League 2020 Online Ticket

BBL 2020 Ticket – Online

BBL 2020 Australia Ticket – BBL Ticket Online Booking Ticket By Team. Find and buy tickets: Tickets are available for BBL Big Bash League 2020 at

The BBL Tickets are available for fans to book online at and players can choose the best ticket option as per their convenience. This is the first time 100% capacity for the stadium is allowed by any International Country or Stadium after the Pandemic.

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Click the below links for alternate options to watch cricket instead of Ticket. Enjoy the game and stay home, stay safe!!!

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Brisbane Heat Tickets

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BBL 2020 in Australia Tickets & Big Bash League 2020 Ticket Online Booking:

1. What Is The Ticket Cost Of BBL 2020 Australia?

The price of BBL Tickets varies based on the team, stadium, and based on the peak days. The tickets start from $18 – $30 for Public tickets and the prices may go up to $270 (approx) for Premium tickets. 

Metricon Stadium, Carrara, QLD – Premium TIcket

  • The Lounge – $80
  • The Deck – $70
  • The Rooftop – $60

The Gabba, Woolloongabba , QLD – premium ticket

Ticket Range from $50 to $85

2. Can We Buy IPL Tickets From The Stadium?

50 % of the total capacity of the crowd will be allowed and they may allow upto full capacity for the BBL 2020. Ready to book your ticket online and check for regular updates about the COVID19 regulations

3. Where Can I Get BBL 2020 Tickets?

BBL 2020 tickets can be bought from stadium or online portals through authorized to sell tickets , the official websites of the respective teams, and from Cricket Australia

4. Can I Cancel and get refund for My BBL Tickets?

When are you eligible for a refund?

  • Single Match ticket holders:
Match Format/Ticket Type100% Refund
Test – Full DayLess than fifteen (15) overs are completed and no result is
recorded for the Match on the day
Test – TwilightAfter the time that a Twilight ticket permits entry, less than
ten (10) overs are completed and no result is recorded for
the Match in the twilight session
ODILess than fifteen (15) overs are completed during the
entire Match and no result is recorded for the Match
T20 BBLLess than six (6) overs are completed during the entire
Match and no result is recorded for the Match
BBL Ticket Refund for Cancellation Policy

5. What Is The COVID 19 Safety Policy for BBL match Tickets?


Like you, we can’t wait to experience some quality cricket this summer, especially in our ‘new normal’ with COVID-19 around.
So as you’d expect, your visit might be a little more different than usual. We want everyone from players and officials to fans like yourself to be as safe as
possible while supporting current health advice. So to stay safe, stop the spread and look after yourself (and everyone else)

Here are some simple rules to follow:


  • • STAY HOME if you have any kind of cough, fever, chills or sweats, loss of smell or taste, shortness of breath, sore throat, or a runny nose. If you
  • bought through a ticket agent, just email us and we will get a refund sorted for you.
  • • If you’re already at the venue and you start to feel unwell please let an official know – then go home.
  • • Wash your hands and use sanitiser regularly.
  • • Avoid touching your face whenever possible.
  • • Clean your hands before and after eating.
  • • Always cover your mouth and nose if needing to cough or sneeze.
  • • Avoid hugs, high-fives and any close contact with people who are not within your social group.
  • • We do encourage wearing masks, but it’s up to you.
  • • Try to keep a couple of cricket bat lengths (1.5m) away from each other, especially if not in your social group.
  • • Practise physical distancing in the venue wherever possible (staying in your allocated seat, following signage/markers etc).
  • • When you buy a ticket, we’ll keep your contact details for COVID-19 contact tracing purposes.
  • • Only mobile tickets will be available. So if buying for a group, please make sure everyone has theirs if possible (so we can track individuals if we
  • need to).
  • • Download and use the Australian Government’s COVIDSafe mobile app and keep it active at the match.
  • • By attending a match, you acknowledge that there’s still a risk of transmission of viral illness including COVID-19.
  • • Please share all COVID-19 information, policies and health issue waivers with anyone you have bought tickets for – and make sure they’re aware of
  • these rules.
  • • Enter and exit only through the gate shown on your ticket.
  • • Think about arriving early so crowds are less dense.
  • • Have your phone with your digital ticket ready to go at all times.
  • • Limit the number and size of bags you bring to speed up security checks.
  • • Your temperature might be taken before entry and if it is too high, you could be refused entry. We’ll help arrange a refund with you and your ticket
  • agent if so.
  • • There will be no coat checks or cloakrooms available, so please check the Cricket Australia and Venue Conditions of Entry.
  • • Head straight to your seat or place specified on the ticket – try not to linger, and move to the side if you need to stop.
  • • Follow signage and directions of Cricket Australia or Venue staff, they are there to keep you safe.
  • • If you’re in a seated area, try and avoid face to face contact with other spectators when moving along rows.
  • • Wait for the aisles to clear if possible and always follow the signs indicating which way to go.
  • • If you are in a standing area, stay within your social group and keep aware.
  • • Take special care with distancing around toilets, food and drink outlets, or concessions. All payments are contactless.
  • • Eating and drinking should only be done in your allocated seat.
  • • Use the stairs or escalators if possible and leave the lifts to those with mobility needs.
  • • Try to avoid touching stair rails, door handles and other touch points – and sanitise hands regularly.
  • • Try to keep shouting, singing, cheering or celebrating to a minimum to avoid transmission (it’s a hard one, we know!)
  • • Don’t have any physical interaction with players e.g. high fives, autographs, photos etc.
  • • Please check that the specific venue/match allows the ability to exit and re-enter (‘pass out’) the venue.


BBL 2020 League: Team Wise Full Schedule

Big Bash 2020-21 fixture list

Thursday, December 10: Hobart Hurricanes v Sydney Sixers (Blundstone Arena)

Friday, December 11: Melbourne Stars v Brisbane Heat (Manuka Oval)

Saturday, December 12: Melbourne Stars v Sydney Thunder (Manuka Oval), Melbourne Renegades v Perth Scorchers (Blundstone Arena)

Sunday, December 13: Adelaide Strikers v Hobart Hurricanes (Blundstone Arena), Sydney Sixers v Melbourne Renegades (Blundstone Arena)

Monday, December 14: Sydney Thunder v Brisbane Heat (Manuka Oval)

Tuesday, December 15: Hobart Hurricanes v Adelaide Strikers (University of Tasmania Stadium)

Wednesday, December 16: Perth Scorchers v Melbourne Stars (University of Tasmania Stadium)

Saturday, December 19: Hobart Hurricanes v Melbourne Renegades (Blundstone Arena)

Sunday, December 20: Sydney Sixers v Adelaide Strikers (Blundstone Arena)

Tuesday, December 22: Sydney Thunder v Perth Scorchers (Manuka Oval)

Wednesday, December 23: Brisbane Heat v Adelaide Strikers (Gabba)

Saturday, December 26: Sydney Thunder v Melbourne Renegades (Manuka Oval), Melbourne Stars v Sydney Sixers (Metricon Stadium)

Sunday, December 27: Brisbane Heat v Hobart Hurricanes (Gabba)

Monday, December 28: Perth Scorchers v Adelaide Strikers (Adelaide Oval)

Tuesday, December 29: Melbourne Renegades v Sydney Sixers (Metricon Stadium), Sydney Thunder vs Melbourne Stars (Manuka Oval)

Wednesday, December 30: Hobart Hurricanes v Brisbane Heat (Gabba)

Thursday, December 31: Adelaide Strikers v Perth Scorchers (Adelaide Oval)

Friday, January 1: Melbourne Renegades v Sydney Thunder (Metricon Stadium)

Saturday, January 2: Hobart Hurricanes v Melbourne Stars (Blundstone Arena), Brisbane Heat v Sydney Sixers (Gabba)

Sunday, January 3: Perth Scorchers v Melbourne Renegades (Optus Stadium), Adelaide Strikers v Sydney Sixers (Metricon Stadium)

Monday, January 4: Brisbane Heat v Sydney Thunder (Gabba), Melbourne Stars v Hobart Hurricanes (Blundstone Arena)

Tuesday, January 5: Melbourne Renegades v Adelaide Strikers (Adelaide Oval)

Wednesday, January 6: Perth Scorchers v Sydney Sixers (Optus Stadium)

Thursday, January 7: Hobart Hurricanes v Sydney Thunder (Optus Stadium), Brisbane Heat v Melbourne Stars (Metricon Stadium)

Friday, January 8: Adelaide Strikers v Melbourne Renegades (Adelaide Oval)

Saturday, January 9: Perth Scorchers v Sydney Thunder (Optus Stadium)

Sunday, January 10: Sydney Sixers v Brisbane Heat (Metricon Stadium)

Monday, January 11: Adelaide Strikers v Melbourne Stars (Adelaide Oval)

Tuesday, January 12: Perth Scorchers v Hobart Hurricanes (Optus Stadium)

Wednesday, January 13: Sydney Thunder v Sydney Sixers (Sydney Showground)

Thursday, January 14: Brisbane Heat v Melbourne Renegades (Marvel Stadium, Docklands)

Friday, January 15: Melbourne Stars v Adelaide Strikers (MCG)

Saturday, January 16: Sydney Sixers v Perth Scorchers (SCG)

Sunday, January 17: Melbourne Stars v Melbourne Renegades (MCG)

Monday, January 18: Sydney Thunder v Hobart Hurricanes (Sydney Showground)

Tuesday, January 19: Perth Scorchers v Brisbane Heat (Marvel Stadium, Docklands)

Wednesday, January 20: Melbourne Renegades v Melbourne Stars (Marvel Stadium, Docklands)

Thursday, January 21: Adelaide Strikers v Brisbane Heat (MCG)

Friday, January 22: Hobart Hurricanes v Perth Scorchers (Marvel Stadium, Docklands), Sydney Sixers v Sydney Thunders (SCG)

Saturday, January 23: Melbourne Renegades v Brisbane Heat (Marvel Stadium, Docklands), Melbourne Stars v Perth Scorchers (MCG)

Sunday, January 24: Sydney Thunder v Adelaide Strikers (Sydney Showground), Sydney Sixers v Hobart Hurricanes (SCG)

Monday, January 25: Adelaide Strikers v Sydney Thunder (Sydney Showground)

Tuesday, January 26: Brisbane Heat v Perth Scorchers (SCG), Melbourne Renegades v Hobart Hurricanes (MCG), Melbourne Stars v Sydney Sixers (MCG)

Friday, January 29: Eliminator (TBC)

Saturday, January 30: Qualifier (TBC)

Sunday, January 31: Knockout (TBC)

Thursday, February 4: Challenger (TBC)

Saturday, February 6: The Final (TBC)

Event: bbl 2020 Tickets

Description: BBL Big Bash League 2020 Cricket Festival in Australia – Summer Feast.

Start date: December 10, 2020 – February 6, 2021

Location: Australia

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