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Indian expat wins Dh500,000 in Big Ticket Abu Dhabi draw on 15th Feb 2022

Big Ticket Abu Dhabi
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The second weekly electronic draw of Big Ticket Abu Dhabi’s second weekly contest has won Golandaz Ahmad Shaukat Dh500,000.

It is an Indian resident of Doha who wins the prize for the second consecutive week. Qatar was also home to last week’s winner, Anas Melethalakkal.

Shaukat pointed out that the unexpected win gives him another reason to believe that February is his luckiest month of the year.

“I already considered this as a lucky month. Both my kids were born in February.”

“All I can say is try, try and try. Sooner or later, your time will come. I never gave up, and neither should you,” he added.

“I’ve been buying Big Tickets for over a year with my friends and regularly check the news about the electronic draw every week to see if we’ve won. We’re really happy that our time has finally come.”

The prize money for the Big Tickets weekly draw has been doubled this month to Dh500,000 from Dh250,000 offered in January. Moreover, all the weekly winners, including Shaukat, still stand a chance to become a millionaire as the lucky ticket will enter the drum for the live draw to be held on March 3.

Big Tickets

Big Ticket Weekly E-Draw, there will be two more weekly draws for Dh500,000 to be held this month.

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