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CSK 2022: Did Jadeja Resign as Captain or Was He Sacked?

CSK Captain Jadeja Resign
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Did Jadeja resign as captain or was he sacked? Ravindra Jadeja resigns from CSK captaincy, MS Dhoni to lead in remaining games of CSK in IPL 2022.

“I did not ask how they won, I have no job to ask them why they lost,” said N Srinivasan, the boss of Chennai Super Kings, when he recently asked a friend about the series defeats the team suffered in IPL 2022. This view was largely in line with his policy of not interfering in cricket matters that give full power to Captain MS Dhoni.

Under the charge of Ravindra Jadeja, he mentions that his policy has not changed. To register, the owner’s CEO Kasi Viswanathan decided on Saturday evening. “The team management told us this and we accepted,” Kasi told Cricbuzz

It’s not as easy as that statement appears. While some of them are true, the management did not want to remain silent when the four-time defending champions were knocked out after the match. There are strong signs that Jadeja’s hand was forced. For the past three days, there have been discussions about reinstating Dhoni as captain. The main concern is not Jadeja’s bad leadership, but his bad form.

“Management cannot be complacent that the best all-rounder in the world is not performing well. Obviously, he weighs in on the burden of the captaincy,” a CSK insider said. For record, Jadeja, who has been a star player for the team for many years, has scored 112 runs and taken five wickets (average 42, 8.19 economy rate) in eight matches this season. “He even started dropping catches,” the insider recalled.

CSK are currently ninth with two wins from eight games. In theory, they have not yet left the race for a place in the play – offs, and the idea is in the owner’s management that a twist will not be difficult if Dhoni takes charge again.

It is no secret that Dhoni has an independent hand in CSK affairs and it was at his insistence that Srinivasan agreed to change the captaincy a few days before the start of the season. Now the idea has arisen that Dhoni can restore the luck of the team. When contacted by Srinivasan, he told Cricbuzz, “I go with the captain’s decision.” He will not describe which captain he is going with – outgoing or incoming.

Jadeja Resign as Captaincy? No. It seems like Jadeja was sacked from the captaincy. Dhoni’s speech, CSK management announcement and media article clearly show that Jadeja has been removed from the CSK captaincy. Is this going to be the END of Jadeja’s captaincy?

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