Yellove: PO Box No. 7, MS Dhoni Street, Chennai

Final Home Game at Chennai: CSK vs KKR

A street in Chennai that is named after MS Dhoni. Chennai Super Kings will be playing a full season at home for the first time in four years. An entire city has become a tribute to MS Dhoni.

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Chennai Super Kings will be playing a full season at home for the first time in four years. An entire city has become a tribute to MS Dhoni.

Street in Chennai named after MS Dhoni

Yes! There is a street in Chennai that is named after MS Dhoni. Watch the below video. There is an another one street in Tamil Nadu named after Dhoni. The street is located in Madurai city.

“Even though he [Dhoni] is not from Chennai originally, I feel we’ve been super quick to adopt him as one of our own,” Anush says. “I think these days, people associate Dhoni more with Chennai than Ranchi. It’s an emotion that sometimes can’t be explained. It’s an emotion!

“I’ve personally travelled to Dubai and literally every city to watch a CSK game – just for Dhoni. In 2018, when there was no matches in Chennai, I was on the CSK train to Pune and travelled quite a bit. And we quickly started calling him thala and it’s a big thing. For him to get the title, it’s just that he’s our leader. Personally, to be honest, none of the clubs across sports give me as much joy as watching a CSK game.”

Nayagan Meendum Varaar

“I never knew that I’ll be picked by CSK,” Dhoni had said at an event in Chennai in 2021. “I was in the auction and I got picked and it gave me an opportunity to understand the culture, which was very different from where I actually came from. I’m more like a wanderer. My parents came from UP; it was initially UP and then it became Uttarakhand. I was born in Ranchi, which was Bihar, and later on became Jharkhand. I got my job at the age of 18 with the Railways in Kharagpur, West Bengal, and then I came to Chennai. I believe Chennai taught me a lot – when it came to how to conduct myself and how to appreciate the game. Each and every time we came to Chepauk, the fans came and they supported good cricket.”

“I think it [the practice session that was open to the public last week] was good preparation for the opening game which we played in Ahmedabad. I am sure the noise was equal though there were only 1000 people and there were 100,000 there [Ahmedabad]. The noise was equal. Just imagining the full house tomorrow, everyone is excited.”

“It’s great to be back here,” Hussey said at an event before Super Kings’ training session. “I love coming back to India and obviously Chennai. It’s been so long since we’ve been able to play a game at the Chepauk stadium. I know the players and the coaching staff are really excited about the match coming up. I’m sure the fans are going to be more excited. Really looking forward to a packed house making lots of noise and it will lift them up and hopefully we can put on a great show.”

Chennai Falls in Love with Dhoni

When Chennai falls in love with someone, it happens in an instant and lasts a lifetime. #ThalaForever

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