What is Line Betting in the World of Sports Betting?


What is Line Betting? Line betting is when a match is handicapped by the bookmaker. Linear bets are an exciting type of sports betting, also called handicap.

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Linear bets are an exciting type of sports betting, also called handicap. In sports betting, a handicap enables you to boost the odds on a favorite or protect an underdog. You may wager with a handicap on things like goals, pucks, points, games, yellow cards, corners, sets, fouls, etc.

Why bookmakers come up with sports betting with a handicap

Handicap bets were invented by bookmakers to equalize the chances of often fundamentally different teams in the class and to make it more attractive for players to bet at higher odds.

Let’s take an example: Barcelona is playing with a semi-amateur team. Obviously, Barcelona will win. The bookmakers also understand this, so they evaluate the victory of the Catalans with a coefficient of 1.01. That is, from a hundred dollars of a bet, a player can win only 1 dollar. So is anyone interested in such a process? Doubtful.

But suppose Barcelona initially needs to win back five goals handicap. In that case, watching and betting will be much more enjoyable. Will Barca win back, or will the outsider keep the head start?

Handicap types

Making line bets is more challenging than regular bets. But this process is also much more exciting than traditional betting.

Line bets come in a variety of next forms:

Negative handicapIt means that the team must win back some difference that the bookmakers initially virtually put into the account
Plus handicapMeans that the team can lose the difference that the bookmakers have included in the score
Zero handicapThis is a bet that means the team will win or draw. If the team that was bet on with a zero handicap wins, the bet has been played. The bet is repaid if there is a draw in the game. If the team bet with a zero handicap loses, the bet also loses

Professional bettors of the Indian 24 betting exchange often place a bet with a zero handicap when there is a possibility of a draw. That is, in fact, a bet with a zero handicap is insurance against such a case.

Other types of handicap bets

There are also several other popular types of handicap bets, which bettors most often use.

  • Asian Handicap. Similar to a conventional handicap, the Asian one is expressed as a decimal fraction with the numbers 25 or 75 following the dot. For example, F1(2.25), F2(-1.75), F1(0.25) and so on. The amount of the Asian Handicap bet is divided in half between adjacent regular odds. For example, with a bet of $1,000 on Line 1(-2.75), $500 will go to Line 1(-2.5), and another $500 will go to Line 1(-3).
  • European Handicap. It is an outcome wager that includes the accurate score. It has no returns, as it is possible to bet on a draw. For example, P1(2:0), P2(1:0), X(0:3) and so on.

An inexperienced player betting on the European handicap may be unpleasantly surprised. The European handicap looks like a handicap with the expense of F1 (-1), F2 (+2), and so on. But in fact, it does not imply an expense.

Understanding the nuances of line betting is often more interesting than betting on regular outcomes such as W1 or W2.

How to make winning line bets? If you are not into sports, then nothing. But the most exciting begins if you look in detail. Register on the best sports betting sites, develop your strategies and may luck be with you.

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