Most Sixes in Innings

Aerial Assault Finn Allen Leads the Chart for Most Sixes in a Men’s T20I Innings

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In the dynamic world of T20 Internationals, the ability to clear the boundary consistently is a prized skill. Finn Allen sensational innings, amassing 16 sixes in 2024, not only secured his place in history but also set a benchmark for power-hitting excellence.

Most Sixes in Innings

Finn Allen Aerial Display (2024)

  • Finn Allen extraordinary innings in 2024 saw him smash an impressive 16 sixes, showcasing his breathtaking power-hitting prowess.
  • This record-breaking performance not only marked a personal milestone for Allen but also positioned him at the summit of the list for most sixes in a Men’s T20I innings.

Hazratullah Zazai Fiery Knock (2019)

  • Hazratullah Zazai’s explosive innings in 2019 saw him match Allen’s feat with an astounding 16 sixes, creating a memorable spectacle of power-hitting for Afghanistan.

Zeeshan Kukikhel Blitz (2022)

  • Zeeshan Kukikhel’s aggressive approach in 2022 resulted in an impressive tally of 15 sixes in a T20I innings, leaving an indelible mark on Hungary’s cricketing landscape.

Aaron Finch and George Munsey Dominance

  • Aaron Finch (Australia) and George Munsey (Scotland) share the spotlight with 14 sixes each in their respective T20I innings in 2013, showcasing their ability to clear the ropes with authority.

Men’s T20I Innings – Top Performances

Finn Allen (NZ)162024
Hazratullah Zazai (AFG)162019
Zeeshan Kukikhel (HUN)152022
Aaron Finch (AUS)142013
George Munsey (SCO)142013


  • Finn Allen’s Record: Finn Allen’s 16 sixes in 2024 not only tops the list but also sets a new standard for power-hitting in Men’s T20I cricket.
  • Global Representation: The list includes players from diverse cricketing nations, emphasizing the universal appeal and excitement of T20 Internationals.
  • Consistent Dominance: Players like Hazratullah Zazai, Zeeshan Kukikhel, Aaron Finch, and George Munsey have showcased their ability to dominate bowling attacks with consistent power-hitting.

Finn Allen remarkable achievement in 2024 symbolizes the evolution of power-hitting, and the presence of players from different countries highlights the global impact of T20 cricket.