India Test Victories by Runs

India Largest Test Victories by Runs

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In the annals of Indian cricket history, there have been several monumental victories achieved on the Test stage, showcasing the team’s dominance and prowess. Moreover India Test Victories by Runs Among these triumphs, some stand out for their sheer margin of victory, leaving an indelible mark on the record books.

India Test Victories by Runs

434 runs vs England, Rajkot 2024

Additionally India’s commanding performance in Rajkot against England in 2024 stands as their largest victory by runs in Test cricket. The team delivered a clinical display, outclassing the opposition in all departments to secure an emphatic win.

372 runs vs New Zealand, Wankhede 2021

Therefore A stellar performance by India against New Zealand at Wankhede Stadium in 2021 resulted in a resounding victory by a margin of 372 runs. The team’s collective effort and strategic execution played a pivotal role in clinching the match.

337 runs vs South Africa, Delhi 2015

In a memorable encounter against South Africa in Delhi in 2015, India emerged victorious by a staggering margin of 337 runs. Consequently The dominant display by the Indian team left their opponents struggling to keep pace, ultimately sealing the win comfortably.

321 runs vs New Zealand, Indore 2016

Another notable triumph came against New Zealand in Indore in 2016, where India registered a convincing victory by 321 runs. In light of this The team showcased their depth and resilience, overpowering the opposition to assert their supremacy on home soil.

320 runs vs Australia, Mohali 2008

India’s triumph over Australia in Mohali in 2008 by a margin of 320 runs remains etched in cricketing memory. Thus The team’s spirited performance and unwavering determination propelled them to a comprehensive win over the formidable Australian side.

India’s Largest Test Victories by Runs (Top 5)

OpponentVenueYearMargin of Victory
EnglandRajkot2024434 runs
New ZealandWankhede2021372 runs
South AfricaDelhi2015337 runs
New ZealandIndore2016321 runs
AustraliaMohali2008320 runs

Accordingly These monumental victories exemplify India’s dominance on the Test stage and serve as a testament to the team’s resilience, skill, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Hence
As Indian cricket continues to evolve, these triumphs remain cherished milestones in the nation’s cricketing journey.