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Indian Bowlers Dominating Test Batsmen The Ashwin-Stokes Saga

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In the rich history of Indian cricket, certain bowler-batsman matchups stand out, and one such enthralling narrative is the dominance of Ravi Ashwin over Ben Stokes in Test cricket. Ashwin’s ability to dismiss Stokes consistently has etched their names into the annals of cricketing duels, setting a unique record in the process.

Indian Bowlers
  • R Ashwin has dismissed Ben Stokes a remarkable 11 times in Test cricket, showcasing an unparalleled dominance over the English all-rounder.
  • This statistical supremacy underscores Ashwin’s skill, strategy, and mental edge over one of the world’s premier Test batsmen.
  • Notably, the Ashwin-Stokes saga is not the only instance of Indian bowlers establishing dominance. Ashwin has also dismissed David Warner 11 times, while Ishant Sharma boasts 11 dismissals of Alastair Cook.
  • Kapil Dev’s mastery over Graham Gooch, leading to 11 dismissals, provides a historical parallel to the modern-day dominance displayed by Ashwin, Sharma, and Ashwin again.
  • This historical recurrence highlights the enduring nature of certain bowler-batsman rivalries in Test cricket.
R AshwinBen Stokes11
R AshwinDavid Warner11
I SharmaAlastair Cook11
Kapil DevGraham Gooch11

Strategic Brilliance:

  • Ashwin’s success against Stokes transcends statistical dominance; it reflects strategic brilliance, exploiting specific weaknesses and creating mental pressure.
  • The ability to consistently outsmart a world-class batsman is a testament to Ashwin’s cricketing acumen.

No Parallel in Modern Cricket:

  • The 11-dismissal record is a rare phenomenon in contemporary Test cricket, showcasing Ashwin’s uniqueness in handling specific opposition challenges.

Ravi Ashwin mastery over Ben Stokes stands as a cricketing spectacle, a testament to the artistry of the bowler-batsman duel. Beyond the numbers, this narrative symbolizes the enduring spirit of competition in the world’s oldest format of the game.

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