Pathum Nissanka Double Century a Batting Masterclass

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Double Century a Batting Masterclass in a display of sheer brilliance and dominance, Pathum Nissanka, the rising star of Sri Lankan cricket, achieved a remarkable feat by scoring 200 runs off just 136 balls in a recent match. This extraordinary innings left cricket enthusiasts and pundits in awe, as Nissanka showcased his exceptional talent and prowess with the bat. Let’s delve into the key highlights of this monumental innings.

Pathum Nissanka Double Century
Runs Scored200
Balls Faced136
Boundaries (4s)19
Strike Rate147.06
Double Century a Batting Masterclass

Scoring a Double Century

Pathum Nissanka’s innings was nothing short of extraordinary as he reached the coveted milestone of 200 runs in spectacular fashion.

Incredible Strike Rate

The innings by Nissanka was characterized by an astonishing strike rate, with his double century being scored at an impressive rate of nearly run-a-ball.

Boundary Blitz

Throughout his innings, Nissanka treated spectators to a flurry of boundaries, smashing a total of 19 fours.

Maximum Carnage

This emphasizes the additional aspect of his skillset, showcasing his power hitting as an extension of his multifaceted ability.

Match Impact

Nissanka’s monumental innings not only propelled his team to a commanding position but consequently left a lasting impact on the opposition and cricket fraternity at large.

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