Politics and Sports: A Perspective from Virender Sehwag

A Perspective from Virender Sehwag V Sehwag Highest Scores Versus Bangladesh in ICC
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In a world where the lines between politics and entertainment are often blurred, the idea of celebrities, be it entertainers or sportsmen, venturing into politics has become a common occurrence. I have been approached by both major political parties in the last two elections, but let me be clear – I have no aspirations to step into the political arena. Here’s why.

First and foremost, I firmly believe that most entertainers and sportsmen should think twice before entering politics. While there are certainly exceptions, a significant number of them seem to be motivated by their own egos and a thirst for power rather than a genuine commitment to serving the people. It is not uncommon to see celebrities transitioning into politics for personal gain or to enhance their public image, which can undermine the trust people place in politicians.

The world of politics demands unwavering dedication and a genuine concern for the welfare of the people. Public servants must be willing to invest their time, energy, and resources to understand and address the issues facing their constituents. Unfortunately, many celebrities find it challenging to spare the necessary time and effort, given their busy schedules and commitments in their respective fields.

For me, cricket has been a lifelong passion, and I have been fortunate enough to make a career out of it, both as a player and a commentator. Being involved with cricket allows me to connect with fans, share my insights, and contribute to the sport I love. It gives me immense satisfaction to stay true to my roots and continue to serve the game that has given me so much.

While there are certainly celebrities who have entered politics with good intentions and have made positive contributions, they are the exception rather than the rule. Too often, we witness celebrities using their political positions primarily for public relations purposes, and this can detract from the true purpose of politics – to represent and serve the interests of the people.

I have chosen to remain focused on my passion for cricket and my role as a commentator. I have no desire to become a part-time Member of Parliament or engage in politics for personal gain. Instead, I will continue to do what I love and contribute to the world of sports in my own way. Politics may be a tempting path for some, but for me, it is not a road I wish to travel. My heart and dedication lie in the world of cricket, and that’s where I intend to stay.

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