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IPL 2020 UAE: No Ticket for IPL?

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IPL news headlines tickets
IPL news headlines tickets
  • Tickets will not be available for Fans?
  • Fans are allowed to watch IPL 2020 in Stadium during this pandemic?
  • When will be the ticket available online?
  • Will ECB allow fans to watch the match live at the stadium across 3 stadiums?
  • How much % of people allowed to watch IPL 2020 in UAE? based on stadium capacity?
  • What is the allowed capacity of fans for IPL 2020 UAE?
  • IPL 2020 event in UAE will be the biggest game-changer for NRIs and Cricket fans!
  • When IPL 2020 tickets booking will start?
  • Are IPL 2020 tickets available online or offline?
  • Where can I book IPL tickets?
  • How can I book IPL tickets in Dubai?
  • How can I buy IPL tickets in Sharjah?
  • Will Abu Dhabi allow people to travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi to watch the IPL match?
  • Allowing fans too much of a risk?
  • Entire IPL 2020 could take place in front of empty stands?
  • IPL to go ahead in front of empty stands?
  • BCCI will not allow fans to the stadium?
  • fans will miss this IPL 2020?
  • NO Fans allowed inside the stadium?

The answer to all the above questions is….

We will wait and see for the update from BCCI / IPL Board / ECB.

– ipl fans looking for ticket –
  • Abu Dhabi Zayed Sports City Stadium – The largest stadium in the UAE – 45,000 seats / 30% of Ticket – 15,000
  • Dubai International Cricket Stadium – “Ring of Fire” – Expandable capacity of Spectators up to 30,000
  • Sharjah Cricket Stadium – Record for the most number of ODIs hosted – 17,000

If there is no tickets for fans, it will be the biggest disappointment for the people UAE particularly the fans of IPL in the UAE


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