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List of 5 Indian Super Records in International Cricket that Pakistan Cannot Break

India's top 5 international cricket records that Pakistan can't break | India vs Pakistan. Let's have a look at the records and information.
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List of 5 Indian Super Records

List of 5 Indian Super Records in International Cricket that Pakistan Cannot Break. Here is the details.

India and Pakistan, the top two teams in the Asian continent in international cricket, are competing on an equal footing with Australia and England. Both of these neighboring teams believe cricket is alive and well enough to forget about their national sport and fight to the death to win. Furthermore, when these two teams fight, they do not see it as cricket, but as an honor, and they fight aggressively to win. Therefore, the argument between the supporters of these two teams will always be whether Pakistan or India performs better in competition.

In many of those instances, India was the team that bowled Pakistan, but Pakistan was the team that retaliated. And, while Pakistan produces quality fast bowlers like Wasim Akram and Imran Khan, India produces the world’s best batsmen like Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar, and Virat Kohli. India has always been the slightly more dominant team between these two teams of equal strength.

5 Accomplishments: while Pakistan only won the World Cup in 1992, India is the only Asian team to have won two World Cups, in 1983 and 2011, 60 over and 50 over. Let us look at some of India’s international cricket accomplishments that Pakistan cannot match

India has the most 200 runs

It is a common belief in T20 cricket which has become a fan favorite in modern cricket that if you score 200 runs to please the fans, you will almost certainly win. In this manner, India has set a record by scoring 200 runs in 21 international T20 cricket matches.

Pakistan on the other hand has scored 200 runs in only ten matches. Although Pakistan has scored more than half of India’s total scoring 200 runs is not an easy task.

Kings of their own countries

People frequently refer to themselves as kings of their own countries. In this manner, Indian cricket team players has amassed 112 victories in Test cricket, the game’s lifeblood. And they haven’t lost a single series since 2012. On surfaces that resembled the best pitches, Australia defeated Pakistan 1-0 (3) in April 2022 despite the fact that Pakistan had only amassed 60 wins at home.

Assault Knock-out

The performance in the ICC Cricket Series and ICC cricket rankings determines the quality of each cricket team. It is especially important to perform well in a world cup cricket where all teams compete in the league round in order to advance to the knockout round. In the previous 50-over World Cup ICC, India has qualified for the knockout round 26 times. On the other hand, Pakistan has only ever advanced to the knockout stages 18 times.

India defeated Australia

Australia, who is usually the undisputed king of cricket will be difficult to beat in any match. Furthermore, defeating Australia in a Test series on their home turf which has pace-friendly pitches is a bull’s-eye for Asian teams like India and Pakistan who grew up on spin-friendly pitches.

  • In 2018-19, India became the first Asian team to win a Test series under Virat Kohli, with  2 – 1(4).
  • Then in 2020 – 21, India led by Rakhine defeated a strong Australia team led by David Warner and Smith by 2 – 1 (4).
  • So winning a Test series and subsequent Test series in Australia like India is a dream not only for Pakistan but also for other Asian teams such as Sri Lanka.

King of the World Cup

Since 1992, India has defeated Pakistan in consecutive World Cups, setting a world record with 12 victories. Pakistan finally broke that winning streak in the T20 World Cup last year but only after 29 years. As a result, Pakistan Cricket Team has very few chances of catching India who leads this record by 12-1.

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