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SUPER OVER MI VS RCB is the treat for IPL lovers and fans from today’s match. IPL is getting hotter day by day and the speed is gearing Up. Today’s match between Bangalore and Mumbai is finished with an equal score – Draw and the called for Super Over. Match tied (Royal Challengers Bangalore win the Super Over). Super Over between MI VS RCB is also with twist and turns for both the team and end with RCB wins.

 In Super Over, Virat Kohli scored the winning runs for RCB against MI. AB De Villiers Did his best even today during super over.Royal Challengers Bangalore match tied with Mumbai Indians. Finally Royal Challengers Bangalore win through Super Over by 2 wickets

RCB WIN! – Super Over

Four! Attempted yorker isn’t quite nailed. Kohli flicks it through mid-wicket, and RCB WIN!

  • 0.6 J Bumrah to V Kohli, FOUR.
    • Yorker of the tournament! AB digs it out and they scamper one. Scores level!
  • 0.5 J Bumrah to AB de Villiers, one run.
    • Four! Banged in short and AB gets a top edge. Down to fine leg for a one-bounce 4. WOW!
  • 0.4 J Bumrah to AB de Villiers, FOUR.
    • 6 from 3. Change of bats for de Villiers.
    • Review! YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS! Banged in short and de Kock and Bumrah are convinced AB’s got something on this. He reviews straight away. Looks like there was a noise, but doesn’t look like bat. Nothing on it. Precious dot ball for MI. NOT OUT!
  • 0.3 J Bumrah to AB de Villiers, no run.
    • Banged in short, pulled hard but Boult fields well at fine leg. 6 from 4…
  • 0.2 J Bumrah to V Kohli, one run.
    • Low full toss and it’s dug out to long on. They think about two, but it’s got too much power on it. 7 from 5…
  • 0.1 J Bumrah to AB de Villiers, one run.


  • 0.6 N Saini to H Pandya, 1 bye. Close! They sneak a bye! Hardik swings hard, but can’t connect. They run though
    • Wicket! Pollard’s gone! Another full toss, Pollard looked to muscle it over the leg side, but can only find the man in the deep
  • 0.5 N Saini to K Pollard, WICKET!!! K Pollard is out c Gurkeerat Mann Singh b Navdeep Saini.
    • Four! Low full toss and Pollard gets it past long-off, who dives over it. What drama!
  • 0.4 N Saini to K Pollard, FOUR.
    • Full and wide, and Pollard can’t connect. That’s not to say he didn’t try! If that had connected, it was out of here!
  • 0.3 N Saini to K Pollard, no run.
    • Low full toss and Hardik can’t clobber it. Just a single again. MI 2 off 2
  • 0.2 N Saini to H Pandya, one run.
    • Good wide yorker, and it’s jammed out to the deep point. Just a single
  • 0.1 N Saini to K Pollard, one run.

Super Over in Twitter : Click here

Man of the Match: AB de Villiers

“The best gift of 2020, the Indian Premier League”. #RCBvMISehwag about IPL 2020 Super Over

Two great super overs. We thought we had seen it all yesterday. And now this. Just the best tournament in world cricket”. #Dream11IPLHarsha Bogle

#RCB win in the SUPER OVER !! #Dream11IPL#RCBvMI

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