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Millennium Millionaire – Dubai Duty Free Raffle Draw

Millennium Millionaire Tickets: Launched in 1999, the Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire Promotion offers 5,000 ticket holders the chance to win a staggering US$1 Million through lucky draw of this lottery called Millennium Millionaire Tickets. You can become one of the Dubai lottery winner. Buy lottery tickets online. Buy Official Online Lottery Tickets from Dubai’s Dubai Duty Free (DDF)

The Dubai Lottery, also called the Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire Lottery or DDF Lottery, offers a top prize worth US $1 million (over ₹7 Crore)

What is the price of Dubai lottery ticket?

Tickets in the Finest Surprise Draw are limited to 1,300 for a luxury car and 2,300 for a super luxury car in each series. No restrictions on the number of tickets an individual can purchase. Tickets priced at AED 500 (approx.US$ 139) each, excludes 5% VAT.

How many tickets are sold in Millennium Millionaire by Dubai Duty Free?

Dubai Duty Free’s Millennium Millionaire Scheme was started back in 1999 and till now it has made more than 150 dollar millionaires of different nationalities. There are just 5,000 tickets for each draw and prize money is worth 1 Million US Dollars.

Who runs Dubai Duty Free?

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum is the president of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and chairman of Dubai Duty Free. and Colm McLoughlin is the executive vice chairman and CEO.

Look through the following questions to find out more about the Dubai Lottery and how it works.

How much does it cost to play the Dubai Lottery?

In the Dubai Lottery, the ticket price for the Millennium Millionaire draw is AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham) 1,000 each, which is just over ₹19,000.(INR)

How do you claim prizes?

The Dubai Lottery makes wire transfers to Millennium Millionaire winners. To claim a prize, you are required to submit the original ticket which you purchased, proof of the banking details and a copy of a valid passport. Once you have provided all the information, the prize amount will be transferred. This usually happens within three to four weeks.

What is the tax deduction?

If you win the jackpot, the tax rate depends on the laws where you live. DDF doesn’t take any responsibility for reducing the payout because the tax varies from country to country.

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Millennium Millionaire Tickets: Buy This tickets to become a Millionnaire if you have a luck.

Millennium Millionaire Winners

At Dubai Duty Free, They have made many millionaires winners, luxury car and bike owners with their promotions. Here is the list of all previous winners of DDF. Click the below button…

MM369Sugandhi Mahesh Pillay175022/09/2021IndianUS$ 1Million
MM368Reza Dole454808/09/2021AustralianUS$ 1Million
MM367Tariq A.327908/09/2021Saudi ArabianUS$ 1Million
MM366Michael Carfagno19525/08/2021AmericanUS$ 1Million
MM365Sabu Alamittath446511/08/2021IndianUS$ 1Million
MM364Ibrahim T.303128/07/2021CanadianUS$ 1Million
MM363Ganesh Shinde20714/07/2021IndianUS$ 1Million
MM362Rishat Tyulegenov51730/06/2021KazakhUS$ 1Million
MM361Abraham Joyee103116/06/2021IndianUS$ 1Million
MM360Gary Titizian19302/06/2021AmericanUS$ 1Million
MM359Gert Maria J Kloeck203619/05/2021BelgianUS$ 1million
MM358Waseem Ramzan484819/05/2021PakistaniUS$ 1Million
MM357Selmir Omazic260928/04/2021Citizen of Bosnia and HerzegovinaUS$ 1Million
MM356Abdulhakim Alshafei239228/04/2021BahrainiUS$ 1Million
MM355George Thomas201607/04/2021IndianUS$ 1Million
MM354Riyaz T.145224/03/2021AustralianUS$ 1Million
MM353Rahul Kovithala Thazheveettil496020/03/2021IndianUS$ 1Million
MM352Rahul Julka496503/03/2021IndianUS$ 1Million
MM351Sarath Kunnummal             427517/02/2021IndianUS$ 1Million
MM350Suraj Aneed464503/02/2021IndianUS$ 1Million
MM349Varun Boosnur172020/01/2021IndianUS$ 1Million
MM348Amit S. 51820/01/2021IndianUS$ 1Million
MM347Kanikaram Rajasekhar 354606/01/2021IndianUS$ 1Million
MM346Abdalla Alteneiji  277920/12/2020EmiratiUS$ 1Million
MM345Navaneeth Sajeevan  418020/12/2020IndianUS$ 1Million
DDF MM Updated as on 30th Sep 2021

Where you can buy the best online lottery tickets in International Region in United Arab Emirates?

Dubai – Dubai Duty Free – Millennium Millionaire

Abu Dhabi – Airport – Big Ticket

USD 1 Million in a Raffle Ticket in Dubai

Buy a Millennium Millionaire Ticket from Dubai Duty Free and get a chance to hit a jackpot by winning 20 million dirham (approximately ₹40 crore) in a raffle lucky draw Dubai Lottery to win this Prize. 

Dare to dream with the Dubai Duty Free Raffle

Millennium Millionaire Dubai Duty Free

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