Cristiano Ronaldo at Expo 2020 Dubai | Photo, Selfies and Talks

Cristiano Ronaldo at Expo 2020 Dubai
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Ronaldo at Expo 2020 Dubai: Ronaldo talks of his passion, family, future and journey that made him one of the world’s top footballers at Expo 2020.

Dubai: Football living legend Cristiano Ronaldo wowed thousands of football fans and aficionados at Expo 2020 Dubai on Friday. They had a glimpse of the Portuguese football icon and highest goal scorer of all time who gamely connected with them crowd at Al Wasl Plaza.

Manchester team striker, Portuguese international Cristiano Ronaldo, will  visit the "Expo 2020 Dubai" exhibition tomorrow. The Don will participate  in a dialogue session to be held in Al Wasl Square as part

Dubai Media Office tweeted photos of Ronaldo talking to his fans, with this caption: “Football legend @Cristiano Ronaldo tours @expo2020dubai and participates in a discussion about his passion and journey that saw him become one of the world’s top footballers.

Everyone was ready with their smartphones to capture every moment and action from the 37-year old Portuguese footballer who has continued to shatter scoring records — both at club and international levels. Ronaldo is also now the top-scorer of the season for Manchester United.

“Listen to your father,” Ronaldo told the audience twice, while sharing a short story of his eldest son. “My son asks me when he will have a mobile phone. I always reply to him: ‘Whenever it’s your time you shall have.'”

“Whatever Dubai does is just amazing and impressive. I am not surprised at things here. It’s just fantastic to see how things are made possible here,” Ronaldo said.

Al Wasl Plaza was packed with fans not just from Dubai, but also from Oman, Kuwait and India. Many were seen sporting jerseys and T-shirts with Ronaldo’s photo printed on it.

“Expo is just unbelievably impressive,” Ronaldo said. “Bringing 192 nations with their culture and traditions under one roof is something very exciting,”

“I am fit because I take care of my body. Do everything that makes your body and mind healthy,” he said.

“I happened to get a band and was sitting on the first row. I did not believe my ears when an organiser told me that I was one among the lucky ones who will be going on the stage to get the T-shirt signed,” Layan said. “Now, all my friends and schoolmates will be jealous of me.”

Fans witness Ronalda in Dubai and celebrates with passion with selfies: “I follow Ronaldo on every platform. Don’t miss any of his news. When I learnt that he is here, there was no second thought to reach Dubai.”

Courtesy: Expo 2020 Dubai

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