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Liverpool Vs Chelsea Highlights

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Highlights of Liverpool Vs Chelseas Match: Mane & Salah on target, but Reds held to a draw. A passionate, tense and entertaining match at Stamford Bridge saw Chelsea fight. Chelsea vs Liverpool Today Match full Highlights and Goal.

Chelsea vs Liverpool | Full Match Highlights 

League: Premier League

Stadium: Stamford bridge

Date :02/01/22

DAY : Sunday

Time: 4:30pm


Mane-10, Jota-20, Salah-11, Milner-7,Fabhino-3, Henderson-14, Tsimikas-21, Van dijk-4, Alexander-66, Konate-5, Kelleher-62


Mount-19, Haverts-29, Pulisic-10, Azpilicueta-28, Kante-7, Kovacic-8, Alonso-3, Chalobah-14, Silva-6, Rudiger-2, Mendy-16

The match between Liverpool versus Chelsea was held at Stamfors bridge. The kickoff was for Liverpool for the first and the match was started with a foul which committed by mane to Azpilicueta.

The keeper shot the ball, and it was got by mane, and he passed it to was saved by the Liverpool goalie. Leg Azpilicueta kicked the ball to the Liverpool core side from the middle and it was got by alexander, and he tried to clear it but it was reflected back to Pulisic after Haverts leg.

Pulisic tried to cut and ran from the keeper, but the keeper was so luck to save it.

Konate gave the ball to jota and he crossed it to the core and the Chelsea defender Chalobah tried to clear it by his head which was missed and got by mane after that mane cut off the keeper and scored perfectly. An offside shot from Salah and it was saved by the keeper. When it was 1 v 1 against the keeper.

Alexander chipped the ball Salah from the middle and Salah received it and scored it to the left hand side of the keeper easily after he ran past Alonso inside the box. Mount took the free-kick and it was reflected to Kovacic who did a volley with make the ball touching the ground and scored it fantastically.

Ruediger cleared the ball from the middle and it was got by Kante suddenly he assisted for a goal by passing it to Pulisic and Pulisic shot it to the right up corner of the post when it was 1 v 1 against the keeper.

Alonso chipped the ball to the core off Liverpool and it got by Haverts who tried to score and it was reflected and mount tried to swipe it and it gone away from the post. Alonso inside the box and shot it away from the post.

Fabhino passed the ball on air and it was received by Jota who shot it away energetically. Again, jota got the ball and gave to Salah who almost scored it. Mendy was skilled enough to save it for his team. Mane and Salah together did 1 and 2 at least mane got the ball and shot for the target and it was saved by the keeper.

Haverts crossed the ball, and it was reflected by mount and got by Pulisic eho tried to score and make it was a try at last.

Pulisic got the ball from Kante and shot it away to the right side of the post. Mount took the freekick and it was reflected to him again he shot it to the target focussed and it was saved by the keeper amazingly.

At last highlight ended with the corner for Chelsea and Ruediger tried a header. The ball gone left side away from the post.

both the team played well, and it was eye-catching first half for the audience and the key player of the match would be Pulisic who did a fantastic volley after the reflect.

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