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Manchester Vs Leicester – Premier League Highlights 2021/2022

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Manchester City Vs Leicester City: Get a report of the Manchester City vsLeicester City 2021-22 English Premier League football match. Highlights from Manchester City’s win over Leicester in the Premier League. Man City lead from the front in this League for the year 2021/22,

STADIUM : City of Manchester Stadium / Etihad Stadium
DATE : 26/12/2021
TIME : 15:00 GMT
The match between Manchester city vs Leicester city was held at Manchester home ground.

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Man City vs Leicester City

MANCHESTER CITY Playing XI: Mahrez, Silva, Sterling, Gundogan, Fernandhino, Debruyne, Cancelo, Dias, Laporte, Zinchenko, Ederson

LEICESTER CITY Playing XI: lheanacho, Maddison, Lookman, Tielemans, Perez, Thomas, Vestergaard, Amartey, Albrighton, Schmeichel, Dewsbury-Hall.

The kick off for Manchester city first. A smooth start for Manchester city side because of their right passes. Goal! De bruyne maked it one for Manchester city inside the box after the assiting of fernandhino it took less than 5 minutes just after the kick off. There was a corner for Manchester city it was reflected back by leicester defender and fernandhino tried to enter their field with ball but it was cleared unfortunately.

Another side manchester players claimed for a foul inside the box that was considered as foul after refree’s review on the display. Mahrez took the cake and cut it perfectly he scored it to the left side of the keeper which made another point for them. Maddison took a free kick outside the box and executed perfectly to the target which was saved by the keeper then the forwarder shot it away.

Perez tried a shot from inside the box and saved by the keeper. next Goal for manchester city scored by Gundogan which was passed from De bruyne to cancelo and he assited it for the score. Fernandhino passed the ball to sterling he gave it to Gundogan and he got back to the box with the ball and leicester player Tielemans has no patience towards sterling and fouled him for the penalty. Work hard and get paid for what you deserve!

Manchester Vs Leicester in EPL 2021/22

English Premier League

Sterling got that penalty and executed it perfectly to the left most upper corner of the post. A perfect chik from de bruyne to the box of opponent which was recieved by mahrez to sterling and saved by the keeper. In the second Half Maddison scored after assisting of laporte which made a starter for leicester city. Maddison did amazing in the middle of the field and passed it to lheanacho he assisted it to Lookman corner kick for manchester city fernandhino headed it to the core and saved by the goal keeper.

Maddison shot from outside the attacking area and Ederson saved it and it was reflected back to Iheanacho and he scored it. Corner kick for Manchester city which was headed by Laporte perfectly into the post the ball went alone without any interruption. A free kick for Leicester city the ball was passed to lheanacho and the keeper came forward to clear it after he shot it.Another perfect corner kick for Manchester city dias tried to head it to the post and sterling made it a score by smoothly pressed the ball inside the post.

Both of the teams maintained their possession well for the whole match with small variations and the key player of the match is Sterling who was the backbone for the team and leaded them to the victory.


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