Premier League Highlights: NewCastle United VS Man City

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League Match: NewCastle United VS Man City Match overview
League: Premier League

Stadium / Venue : St.James park
Match Date: 19/12/2021

Day : Sunday
Time : 7:30 pm


G.Jesus, Sterling, Debruyne, Mahrez, silva, Hernandez, Zinchenko, Laporte, Dias, Cancelo, Ederson


C.Wilson, Fraser, Joelinton, Hayden, Willock, Almiron, Ritchie, clark, Lascelles, murphy, Dubravka

Match Preview

The match between Manchester city vs new castle united held at new castle home stadium the highlights of the entire match is covered in this article. NEW CASTLE UNITED starts off the match. Within 5 minutes manchester city is lucky enough to put their first score on the pitch. Zincheko beautifully checked the ball on the left side to Cancelo and it was assisted enough to score a goal done by Diaz by header.
Counter attack for Newcastle reflected back by the Manchester city defender and what an energetic shot by the new castle player Joelinton to the left side down corner of the post
De bryune was pulled down by the new castle forwarder inside Manchester side box and almost scored by Fraser because ball was passed above the goalie to the post perfectly suddenly Manchester defender Laporte ran and blocked it then only referee realized that it was foul. for de Bruyne the very interesting part of the match was Cancelo dribbled back two defenders of new castle united and kicked away from the box and scored beautifully to the right side of the post.

There was an unnecessary situation caused inside the Manchester box. The Manchester goalie sided towards the new castle player but the ball was not there as Manchester city defender Cancelo took it in between them which fooled them both the goalie and the new castle forwarder Clarke.

Jesus tried a shoot on the target which was gone flat down left away from corner of the post which made him upset.
the next half started and Manchester city attacked on the new castle post when Mahrez passed the ball to the Cancelo which was passed back to silva and he assisted it to Jesus headed and good save by the goalie.
that was a curvy shot from sterling from the right side of the box and received by the goalie unfortunately that was saved.

Zinchenko assisted to Mahrez from the right most side away from the box and scored by Mahrez to the left side of the post after he ran past the defender and it was a confused goal because of offside given by the referee which was then taken back and goal was given freekick for Newcastle reflected back to their player and crossed again which was headed by Lascelles and saved by Ederson amazingly Jesus went left flank and assisted to sterling to the right of the side which was passed behind the goalie and it is east enough to score for sterling.


The match was ended with a score of 4 – 0 which made Manchester city to stay back on the first position of the table in this match Manchester United played with great possession and the key player of the match will be Cancelo as he scored a outside box goal with energetic shot.

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