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Phở: Animated Google doodle to celebrate the delicious Pho noodle soup

Pho Google Doodle
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Phở: Animated Google doodle to celebrate the delicious Pho noodle soup – a Vietnamese national dish. Check out for the Pho of Vietnam Dish google doodle along with our blog about google doodle archieves. Today, Google honors the Vietnamese national dish Pho with an animated doodle designed by guest artist from Vietnam.

pho google doodle

What is the Today’s Google Doodle – Pho

Phở or pho is a Vietnamese soup dish consisting of broth, rice noodles, herbs, and meat. Pho is a popular food in Vietnam where it is served in households, street food, street stalls and restaurants countrywide.

Pho is considered Vietnam’s national dish. Google is celebrating the national dish of Vietnam.

Invented: 1900–1907
Main ingredients: Rice noodles and beef or chicken
Course: Main course
Region or state: Nam Định Province
Serving temperature: Hot
Origin: Vietnam

Chennai (Madras) Pho

Pho in Chennai

THE BEST Pho in Dubai: Va Pho is one of the popular restaurant who provides tasty yummy Pho in Chennai. The best choice of authentic vietnamese food available and very tasty. Pricing is excellent.

Pho in Dubai

Dubai Pho – Sui Mui Dubai: “Very tasty Pho-Bo if you like one. Now every time craving for Pho you know where to go 😍 Needless to say. Saigon Dxb Taste Of Vietnam is also another option in Chennai for the Vietnam National Dish – Pho.

You can celebrate Pho along with Google doodle with placing your order through online food portal in India, UAE and United States of Ameria.

Today’s Doodle, illustrated by artist Hanoi, Vietnam-based artist Lucia Pham, honors phở, Vietnam’s national dish that is served as an aromatic soup brimming with savory broth, soft rice noodles, fresh herbs, and thinly sliced meat. Traditionally, phở is a breakfast dish sold in street food stalls but phở consumption has moved into everyday comfort food.

Enjoy the Vietnamese dish that’s phở-nomenal! 

Vietnamesische Küche – Pho

Pho or Phở ist eine kräftige Suppe, die zu den bekanntesten Gerichten der vietnamesischen Küche zählt. Das Grundrezept besteht aus einer klaren Brühe, die rund 24 Stunden über dem offenen Feuer köchelt, ehe sie mit Nudeln, Gemüse, Gewürzen und dünn geschnittenen Fleischscheiben angereichert wird.

How to Pronounce Pho?

The globally familiar way to say or pronounce as “pho” is “fuh.”

Though the most common way to pronounce pho in Vietnam is “fuh” (like “duh”), some regions pronounce it more like “foe” and others stretch the word out into two syllables, according to Diane Cu, co-creator of the blog White on Rice Couple, via Chowhound.

Pho or Phở is a hearty soup that is one of the most famous dishes in Vietnamese cuisine. The basic recipe consists of a clear broth that simmered over an open fire for around 24 hours before being enriched with pasta, vegetables, spices and thinly sliced ​​meat.Pho Bo Hanoi – Vietnamese rice noodle soup. ‘phở bò hà nội’ – Pho Bo Hanoi is a hearty soup with rice noodles, beef and herbs.

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