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Fanny Hensel Birthday: Google honours with Doodle – Why Google is celebrating her birthday?

Google doodle
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Fanny Hensel Birthday: Today’s Doodle celebrates the 216th birthday of virtuosic German pianist and composer Fanny Hensel, who is widely considered one of the most important woman composers of the 19th century. Google celebrate the genius of the underrated Romantic composer and pianist in the history. Fanny Hensel’s 216th Birthday Google Celebrate with doodle today, Here you will find out more about Hensel Story. Read more.

Fanny Mendelssohn | German musician and composer: Google remembers and celebrate the important people in the history who have contributed significantly to their role in any field. Fanny Hensel has contributed significantly in the field of Music.

Fanny Hensel's 216th Birthday

Fanny Hansel born is 14 November 1805 | On This Day in History | German pianist and composer was born, (born November 14, 1805, Hamburg [Germany]—died May 14, 1847, Berlin, Prussia). Fanny Hensel was born Fanny Zippora Mendelssohn on this day in 1805 in Hamburg, Germany into an upper-class family. Her mother, herself taught by a student of Johann Sebastian Bach, first taught her piano. At 13, Hensel astonished a private audience in Berlin with a memorized performance of 24 preludes from Bach’s masterpiece “The Well-Tempered Clavier” (1722-1742). Despite her prodigious talent, her ability to foster a musical career was hindered by restrictive societal conventions.

At age 41, she published Opus 1, the first original work published in her name and among the first published compositions by a woman, paving the way for women to pursue a classical tradition historically dominated by men. In 2010, musicologists uncovered the Easter Sonata, a masterful, solo piano piece written by Hensel when she was 22 years old that had been mistakenly attributed to her brother. The piece was performed under her name for the first time in 2017, nearly 190 years after its composition. 

Fanny Mendelssohn

Full NameFanny Mendelssohn Hensel
BornHamburg, Germany
Date of Birth14 November 1805
Died14 May 1847
Death PlaceBerlin, Germany
SpouseWilhelm Hensel (m. 1829–1847)
EducationHumboldt University of Berlin
Influenced byFelix Mendelssohn, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach

The eldest child in the family, Fanny Mendelssohn was also a brilliant musician and composer; and yet her output of over 500 pieces of music is rarely performed. The daughter of a bourgeois German family, Mendelssohn displayed great musical talent from a young age.

Although she was encouraged to write and to play, her family did not believe music was a respectable career for a young woman and so, while Felix travelled Europe with his compositions, Fanny stayed at home.

MUSIC: Praised for her piano technique, she rarely gave public performances outside her family circle. Her Brother Felix, six months before his death, Felix attempted to ensure that her sister received the recognition that had been withheld throughout most of her life by collecting many of her works with the intent of releasing them to the public through his publisher, Breitkopf & Härtel. In 1850, the publisher began to distribute Fanny Mendelssohn’s unreleased works, starting with Vier Lieder Op. 8. Commencing in the late 1980s, Fanny Mendelssohn’s music has become better known thanks to concert performances and new recordings. Her Easter Sonata for piano, formerly attributed to Felix, was premiered in her name by Andrea Lam on 12 September 2012.

On Today, 14 November 2021, Google recall and show respect for Fanny Hensel’s 216th birthday with a Google Doodle in several region in the world such as North America, Iceland, Germany, Greece, Ukraine, Israel, Armenia, Australia and New Zealand. Explore Google Doodle in North America,,,,,,, | Google Doodle

Here we celebrate the understated genius of Fanny Mendelssohn with doodle. Happy birthday, Fanny Hensel!


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