Google Doodle: Julius Lothar Meyer

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Julius Lothar Meyer Doodle

Julius Lothar Meyer Doodle by google is to honor the historic chemist who was famous for his innovation for Periodic Table.

Google Doodle with Historic Event

Google’s Search is the world famous web pages and google doodle brings millions of visitors to the doodle every historic event. Earliest they honored coronavirus helpers through 2 weeks of series of Google doodle from the past and supported the people to stay home and stay safe.

  • Meyer is the pioneer in first Periodic Table (chemical elements)
  • Google honored his achievement and service to the society through Google Doodle
  • Every school students remember the days roaming with periodic table
  • For those who didn’t like the chemistry subject with have a nightmare with the table
  • Google paid tribute to service on his 190th Birthday
  • Germany born scientist and died in the year of 1895
  • On the Official Google Page of Google Doodle or google blog you can gain more information
  • Julius Lothar Meyer Google Doodle

Google Doodle – Have A Fun Day

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