Google honors iconic Mahmoud Abdel Aziz with a Google Doodle on his 76th Birthday

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Mahmoud Abdel Aziz: Mahmoud was born on this day in 1946 in Alexandria, Egypt. Today’s Doodle celebrates 76th birthday of Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, an acclaimed Egyptian actor. Throughout his decades of success, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz landed parts in over 100 motion pictures. He who mastered vastly different roles — spanning romance, drama, action and comedy.

Today’s doodle celebrates the birthday of the ‘Arab Al Pacino’, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, who was featured in more than 100 films during his career.

Mahmoud Abdelaziz is an Egyptian actor who obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture from Alexandria University in 1966 and a Master’s degree in Agricultural Sciences. He began his artistic career on television, where he participated with Mahmoud Yassin in the series,

The Whirlpool, directed by Nour El Demerdash. He started acting in cinema in 1974 in the movie, The Grandson. He also starred in many romantic films during the 70s, including Until the End and Enough My Heart. He is best known for his role in the series, Raafat Al-Haggan as well as the movies El-Kitkat, Drug Habit and Monsters Run.

  • Nationality: Egyptian
  • Date of Birth: 4 June 1946
  • Birth Country: Egypt
  • Died on: 12 November 2016
  • Death Country: Egypt

After a lifetime of captivating performances, Mahmoud had a long list of awards to show for his achievements: He has won Best Actor in movies such as: Kit Kat (1991), El Coptain (The Captain, 1997), Souq Al Motaa (Pleasure Market, 2000) and Al-saher (The Magician, 2001). More recently, he also won a Lifetime Achievement Award during the 2012 Dubai International Film Festival.

Today, his beloved films continue to keep viewers at the edge of their seats. Happy birthday, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz! You are remembered as one of the greatest Egyptian actors of all time.


1974Al HafeedThe Grandson
1975Hata Akhr El OomrTill The End of Life
1975Yom El Had El DamiBloody Sunday
1976Waghan Le WaghFace to Face
1977Maa Hobi Wa AshwakiWith Love and Desires
1977Abnati wal DeebMy Daughters and The Wolf
1977Al ShayatinThe Demons
1977El Bent El Helwa El KazabaThe Sweet Liar Girl
1977Taer El Lel El HazinSad Night Bird
1977Kafani ya KalbEnough Heart
1978Emraa Bela KalbA Woman Without A Heart
1978Emraa Fih DammiA Woman in My Blood
1978Hessab Al SeninAccount of The Years
1978Shabab Yarkos Fawk Al NarDancing Youth Over The Fire
1978Shafika we MetwaliShafika and Metwali
1978Eeb Ya LoulouIt’s a Disgrace Loulou
1978Keloob Fih Bahr Al Domoo’Hearts in a Sea of Tears
1978Wa Daa AL Oomr Ya WaladiAnd Time Was Lost Son
1979Akwa Men Al AyamStronger Than Days
1979Ooshak That El EshreenLovers Under Twenty
1979Al MotawaheshaThe Wild One
1979Lah Yazalo El Tahkik MostameranA Case Unclosed
1980Banati Fih Al KharegDaughters Abroad
1980Al AbalessaThe Devils
1980Aalamat Maanaha Al KhatarSigns of Danger
1980El Bent Aeza EhWhat Does The Girl Want
1980Hob Lah Yara El ShamsLove That Can’t Come To Light
1981Ana Fih EenayhiI In His Eyes
1982Shetan El GeziraThe Devil of The Island
1982Wadi Al ZekrayatValley of The Memories
1982Wadaa Al AazabA Tortured Farewell
1982Eedam Taleb SanawyThe Execution of a High School Student
1982Al AarThe Shame
1982Al MaatoohThe Fool
1982Wekalet El BalahThe Date Agency
1983El Khobz El MorBitter Bread
1983Darb El HawaWind Gusts
1983Al Sada Al MortashounThe Corrupt Gentlemen
1983Al Aazra’ Wal Shaar Al AbyadThe Virgin and The White Hair
1983Mamlakat Al HalwassaKingdom of Hallucinations
1983Nesf ArnabHalf a Rabbit
1983Argook Eetini Haza Al DawaPlease Give Me The Cure
1984Bayt Al KasseratMinors House
1984Tazwir Fih Awraa RasmeyaOfficial Counterfeit
1984Fokaraa Lah Yatkholoona Al GanaNo Heaven For The Poor
1984Lik Yom Ya BehThere Will Be A Day Sir
1984Wa Laken Shay’on MayabkaBut Something Remains
1985Eedam MayetThe Execution of a Dead Man
1985Al Darb Al AhmarAl Darb Al Ahmar
1985El Shaa Men Haa El ZawgaThe Wife Gets The Flat
1985El SaalikThe Riffraffs
1985Al TowfanThe Flood
1985Aafwan Ayoha Al KanounSorry Dear Law
1985Al KefThe Pleasure
1985Al MagnounaThe Crazy Girl
1986Al Bari’The Innocent
1986Al Goo’The Hunger
1986Al Hedek YefhamThe Clever Will Realize
1987Abnaa Wa KatalaSons and Killers
1987Garyy El WehooshThe Run of The Beasts
1987Al Sada Al RejalThe Gentlemen
1987Seket El NadamaThe Road To Remorse[2]
1988Samak, Laban, Tamr HendiFish, Milk, Tamarind
1988Nahr El KhofThe River of Fear
1989Ya Aazizi Kolena LessousMy Dear We Are All Thieves
1989El Donia Ala Genah YamamaThe World On A Dove’s Wing
1990Sayedati AnessatiLadies and Lasses
1991Abo CartonaAbo Cartona
1991Kanoun IkaIka’s Law
1991Al-Kit KatAl-Kit Kat
1992Donia Abd-Al GabbarDonia Abd-Al Gabbar
1992Fakh Al GawassisA Trap for Spies
1993Talata Aala El Tari’Three On The Road
1995Zeyaret El Sayed El Ra’isPresidential Visit
1995El Bahr BeyethakliThe Sea Smiles To Me
1996Al GentleThe Gentle
1997Al KaptenThe Captain
2000Soo’ El MotaaPleasure Market
2000Al NemsThe Ferret
2001Al SaherThe Magician
2002Rehla MashboohaA Suspicious Journey
2008Lelet El Baby DollThe BabyDoll Night
2009Ibrahim LabyadIbrahim Labyad


  • Best Actor in a movie for Kit Kat (1991) at the Damascus International Film Festival and at the Alexandria International Film Festival.
  • Best Actor in a movie for The Captain (1997) at the Damascus International Film Festival.
  • Best Actor in a movie for Pleasure Market (2000) at the Cairo International Film Festival.
  • Best Actor in a movie for The Magician (2001) at the Damascus International Film Festival.
  • Life Time Achievement at the Dubai International Film Festival.

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