Aus Vs SL 2022: Stand collapses in heavy rain at first Test between Australia and Sri Lanka


Stand collapses in heavy rain: The roof on a makeshift grandstand at Galle International Stadium has collapsed due to heavy rain during Aus Vs SL.

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Aus Vs SL 2022 Srilanka June 10, 2023: Stand collapses in heavy rain at first Test between Australia and Sri Lanka. No spectators underneath roof when it buckles. and Start of play on day two delayed at Galle International Stadium.

The rooftop on a shoddy show off at Galle International Stadium has fallen because of weighty downpour and wind, deferring the beginning of play between Sri Lanka and Australia.

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Downpour started falling something like an hour and a half before the planned first ball on day two of the main Test, with blasts passing in over the shoreline.

Ground staff figured out how to keep the whole ground covered as the downpour blew in sideways, yet metal sheets got by ropes covering the little cemented seating region on the eastern side of the ground passed over.

The whole rooftop then clasped, with authorities currently thinking about how to get the metal before play can start.

No onlookers were in the stand at that point, with Australia’s group just barely showing up at the ground.

Downpour additionally kept on falling past the booked beginning of play of 10am nearby time, with ground staff battling to keep the whole outfield covered in the midst of the whirlwinds.

Tires are utilized to hold a few segments of canvas all the way down, but different pieces covering the outfield have been blown away.

Australia face an essential first hour subsequent to going to stumps at 98-3 in answer to Sri Lanka’s 212.

Just terrible weather conditions can forestall an outcome in the coordinate with 13 wickets falling on the very first moment and a three-day Test is anticipated because of the pitch conditions.

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