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CRED Power Play – Player of the Match

CRED Power Play

CRED Power Play: CRED Power Play For IPL 2021 Returns With Lucky Credit Card Payments Promising 100% Cashback and Player of the Match feature in live IPL match telecast. CRED, the credit card payments and financial management startup, has announced the 2nd Edition of CRED Power Play, for IPL 2021.

CRED Hall of Fame: add yourself to the hall of famehere’s CRED members who won a 100% cash-back last week by paying their credit card bill during the powerplay overs of the Vivo IPL 2021 matches.

CRED Jackpot: Use CRED coins earned by paying your credit card bills to claim the CRED jackpot that gets unlocked daily during the 13th over of every Vivo IPL 2021 match.

What is cred power play?

This offer is called CRED Power Play – the Most Rewarding Overs and we have seen this IPL 2021 League. Anyone who makes their bill payment during the power play overs in any IPL 2021 match can win 100% cashback of the bill amount they have paid and get featured in a live match telecast.

What is the benefit of cred?

Advantages of Using CRED: Besides being a one-stop platform for paying your credit card bills, you also earn reward points for every Rupee you pay towards your bill. The reward points are called ‘CRED coins’ and are redeemable on various offerings on the CRED app.

IPL 2021, CRED members have the chance to win 100% cash-back on their credit card bills and get featured in the live match as a part of the virtual fanbox. Get rewards with every credit card bill payment and get benefits

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