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IPL 2022 UAE: Buy Tickets – IPL Ticket Online Booking

Platinumlist Tickets Ain Dubai

IPL Ticket Online Booking:

IPL Ticket Online Booking: IPL 2022 makes official distribution with ticket partners in UAE Platinumlist sell ticket online or booking through online, even they also sell ticket’s directly on their official online website or other websites links to Book IPL 2022 UAE tickets. However, this time it seems like 50% fans allowed to watch from ground.

IPL 2022 TicketDubai Final Tickets Online – The fan’s IPL 2022 in India is planning to give a ticket for IPL 2022 matches in India for the 14th Edition which is happening in Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi. Please visit platinumlist page for more information about how to book ticket online on As per Ganguly update, still, there is a change for 50% ticket to be allowed for other parts of this year’s season if COVID19 Situation is under control.

IPL 2022 Dubai Ticket – IPL Ticket Online Booking Ticket Cost By Team

The IPL 2022 UAE tickets price detailed information will be updated in the below link

IPL Ticket Price and Cost

Look For TV Broad Cast Or Live Streaming Online Instead Of Looking For Ticket

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IPL 2022 UAE: Finally It’s Back! It’s Official IPL

IPL 2022 Blog

IPL 2022 in Dubai Tickets & Online Bookings

1. What is the Ticket cost of IPL 2022 in UAE?

The price of IPL Tickets varies based on the team, stadium, and based on the peak days. The tickets start from 60 AED and the prices may go up to 16000 AED for Special Box In general, IPL tickets rates are starting from AED 200 and in the peak days and hot matches up to 20,000 to 50,000 in UAE. Rates of IPL Final and qualifier matches are also high as compared to league matches.

2. Can we buy IPL Tickets from the stadium?

Yet to be decided by the BCCI cricket board India and UAE Government, the IPL Tickets can be bought from the ticket counter of the stadium where the match is scheduled to be played. However, due to the COVID-19, Indian Government has planned to reduce human contact for IPL Ticket or other purchase, preferred to advice through e-channels digital India. We have to wait and watch for the order from Government.

3. Where can I get IPL 2022 Tickets?

The IPL 2022 tickets can be booked online through online portal. Platinumlist is an authorized to sell tickets, the official websites of the respective teams, and from the BCCI or IPLT20.COM

4. Can I cancel my IPL tickets?

Till last year, you can cancel the IPL Tickets bought online up to 3 hours before the booked slot however, from this year, there is a chance of not allowing the cancellation to avoid an unexpected scene. [Assumption from experts]

5. What is the age limit for IPL tickets?

Possibilities of not allowing less than 12 years old kids for IPL ticket to see the match [As per Covid precaution however Indian Govt is open now with all the public areas]. There will be an announcement by BCCI regarding the same. Please visit or pages for more updates before booking the tickets.

6. What is the cost of IPL ticket price in Dubai?

IPL ticket price in Dubai range between 200 AED to 16,000 AED online and you can also book tickets from the Stadium. IPL 2022 Tickets Booking, Price, Schedule, Live Streaming details are available in or

IPL team makes official contact with ticket partners some time they also sell ticket’s directly on their official websites.

Indian Premier League in India for 15th Edition – 2022

IPL 2022 IPL League in UAE: Team-wise full schedule will be shared shortly. Please visit us again for more updates!

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Cricket fans are very excited about the Indian Premier League (IPL) 15th season - The festival of Cricket will be hosted in United Arab Emirates Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Tickets are available online for booking to watch from stadium.

Event: IPL 2022 Tickets

Description: IPL 2022 Cricket Festival for 50+ Days in UAE

Start date: April 2nd, 2022

LocationDubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi Stadium in United Arab Emirates

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      1. IPL being played in the UAE is one of the Good News heard this year. We Would really want to witness the magical moments of IPL live in the stadium also supporting my Favourite team Mumbai Indian and watching Rohit Sharma long Sixes and Fours. Since I have never been to a stadium to watch any matches live ever before, I am really waiting for this opportunity to watch it live for the 1st time IPL from the stadium.
        Iam leaving in Dubai. Please do consider me for the tickets.
        Looking forward to receiving a positive response and not be disappointed. Thanks in advance from IPL & MI fan.

  1. eagerly waiting for ipl. big fan of RCB … ABD and VIRAT …well never got a chance to watch in stadium. but will hopefully get to see some fav cricketers live on stadium.. wish I would get tickets to watch them live

  2. Welcome MS DHONI Bhai in DUBAI UAE I am from Ranchi India MS DHONI Bhai Same home town. Really I am sad because MS Bhai announce the retirement International cricket. I am missing MS DHONI Bhai .I watch all the matches of Chennai Super King. I want meet you Chennai Super King V/S Mumbai Indians in Stadium.

  3. This is one of the few Good news heard this year, about IPL being played in the UAE. Would really want to witness the magical moments of IPL live in the stadium and watch the Captain Cool Ms. Dhoni while also supporting my Favourite team Mumbai Indians. Since I have never been to a stadium to watch any matches live ever before, I am really waiting for this opportunity to watch it live for the 1st time from the stadium to feel the adrenaline rush and excitement of IPL. Please do consider me for the tickets. Looking forward to receiving a positive response and not be disappointed. Thanks in advance from a truly IPL & MI fan.

  4. Is spectators allowed ?? Pls reply pls.. I am from India and planning to visit Dubai just for the match I have already applied for visa and also flight tickets booked.. just waiting for the ipl online ticket availability.. pls help is spectators allowed or not due to COVID ??

  5. Hi I’am Taison Menon belong to Bengaluru and yes am a die hard fan of RCB , MOREOVER I LIVE in dubai , can you get me RCB MATCH TICKETS PLEASE,

  6. i’m very much excited to see the IPL matches here in UAE.. However UAE government & ECB allow the supporter to enjoy the mind blowing excitement.. I’m very much awaiting to get my IPL tickets which specially played in DUBAI Stadium… I don’t want to miss any one of the match where played in Dubai….

  7. Dear Team,
    My husband and I are big big fan of M.S.Dhoni and 19th September is my husband’s birthday , watching live the first match will be a great honor for my husband. I am really looking forward to see the match. Please please I want 2 tickets. Till now there is no update on the same. Kindly guide and let me know as I am desperate to see this match as dhoni has retired so it’s an great opportunity to watch him live in Dubai. Really looking forward to it.


  8. Dear Team. This is my first ever dream going to happen soon to watch a match. I am very delight to watch csk match as I am from Chennai . Though am jobless and stressed , me and my husband are planning to go atleast for 1 match in the stadium. Update me about the tickets. Thank you.

  9. I am from Jharkhand, India. I want to show my kids a live match of M.S. Dhoni. I promise to take the necessary precautions to watch the match in which M.S. Dhoni is playing in Sharjah or Dubai. During this pandemic we are responsible and we care for ourself and for others too, so we put on mask and gloves, keep necessary distance and carry sanitiser for our safety and others at the same time.


  11. Breaking News: This year IPL will not have any opening ceremony because of the COVID and infection, you don’t want people to be too close to each other, but very soon you will see there will be 30% people in the ground with social distancing” – Report | Get free IPL Match tickets to update with ‘’ – IPL 2020 in UAE.

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