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Dewald Brevis – off to an impactful start at the IPL

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Dewald Brevis IPL Start: Dewald Brevis – off to an impactful start at the IPL. A classic age old saying that has stuck on for so many years is this- When you are young, the world is your oyster. 

Going by that logic, given that Dewald Brevis is 18-years-young, an entire world has accorded him tremendous regard, which is actually a double edged sword. 

It’s also a mountain-to-climb like pressure. 

He’s been compared to Abraham Banjamin de Villiers of all cricketers. Fact is, Brevis has himself to blame; he scores at a 360-degree range, possesses a similar to AB kind of style, has blazing shots on all sides of the park, isn’t afraid to attack the moment he gets his eye in. 

Moreover, he can cut loose any moment he desires. 

In top scoring in the Under 19 World Cup of 21, he showed these signs that compelled people to call him the prodigal son.  

But importantly, when he cut loose on the KKR bowlers in his mini blitz on April 6, he only upped the ante of expectations that we have of him. 

Dewald Brevis off to an impactful start in IPL.

It took him merely 19 deliveries or as the stat obsessed would note, a touch over three overs, to leave his mark on the IPL.  

From these, he fired 29 runs. Would sound dainty on a scoreboard but in the context of the situation Brewis batted in, his was a significant contribution. 

He fired two fours and as many sixes. How good was he? Did someone tell him about the conditions or just how would his opponents- Cummins, Chakravarthy and Umesh- come at him?

It was none of that; all Brevis required to move audiences in awe was sublime wristwork and tremendous self-belief. 

Dewald Brevis made a promising start to his IPL career. On the first delivery of the eighth over, one bowled at his pads, Dewald Brevis was quick to latch on to what wasn’t a terrible delivery after all by Varun Chakravarthy. Though, what the South African did to the spinner was terrible; he powered the KKR front line spinner over mid wicket for a no look six. 

West indies’ Spiceman Fletcher might have popularised the shot, but it was Brevis who executed it to near perfection in the ongoing IPL. 

That this was the right hander’s first ever IPL game in which he contributed rapidly to his team’s situation was even more brilliant and more telling of his impact at the same time. 

And that’s what the IPL is about after all, isn’t it: The impact players?

Perhaps here’s some evidence of it.

Much before the mighty Pollard arrived in the middle to crack three sixes during his 5-ball-22, Mumbai Indians weren’t exactly all that chirpy. 

In the first ten overs all that they’d complied were 54 runs. Brevis alone accounted for 29 of them. This, you’d be very picky to ignore it, was his first game. 

But let it be politely reiterated again. 

What Dewald Brevis has in front of him is a world of expectations. That’s something that may or may not go against him. Yet, what he’s also got on his side are fine skill set and the inherent Proteass fighting spirit. 

Whether he becomes the next AB de Villiers or not- if that’s even a logical aim, since you’d rather be yourself- isn’t known. 

Dewald Brevis had a good start in IPL as well as in International Cricket.

What’s known is that there’s plenty of chances for Dewald Brevis to be the best he can be. 

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