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IPL Schedule 2022: Date, Time, Fixtures, Teams, Venue details announced, IPL Schedule PDF Download

IPL Schedule 2022
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IPL 2022 Schedule: Indian Premier League 15th Edition – TATA IPL 2022 has been scheduled between 26 March 2022 and 29 May 2022. IPL 2022 opening match will be played on 26 March 2022 in Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) Vs Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR).

Match No.DayDateMatchTime (IST)Venue
1SaturdayMarch 26, 2022CSK vs KKR7:30 PMWankhede Stadium

IPL Schedule released for all the teams. There are 10 teams going to play this IPL season matches, which were Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Capitals, Punjab Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Royals, Royal Challengers Bangalore & Sunrisers Hyderabad and another two new which are going to be the parts of Indian Premier League 15 are Gujarat Titans and Lucknow Super Giants


  • The IPL 2022 full schedule was announced on Sunday
  • Chennai Super Kings will take on KKR in opening match on March 26
  • The final of the tournament will be played on May 29
  • Scheduled 70 Matches Will be Played in Maharashtra
  • 55 Matches in Mumbai and 15 Matches in Pune
  • 4 venues will be used for IPL 2022 as per Schedule

IPL 2022 Schedule Overview

Here’s the IPL 2022 Complete Schedule (Advance Filter Option). IPL Schedule can be filtered through search option with anything like Day, Date, Teams Name, Timing, Venue [For Example You can search with typing “Saturday” for All Saturday Match, Enter the Date, or Type “CSK” for all CSK Match, or Timing “3:30” for all afternoon match | Venue “Type venue name” in the SEARCH BOX]

IPL 2022 Schedule

Match DateDayMatchesTime (IST)VenueMatch No
March 26, 2022SaturdayCSK vs KKR7:30 PMWankhede Stadium1
March 27, 2022SundayDC vs MI3:30 PMBrabourne CCI2
March 27, 2022SundayPBKS vs RCB7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium3
March 28, 2022MondayGT vs LSG7:30 PMWankhede Stadium4
March 29, 2022TuesdaySRH vs RR7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune5
March 30, 2022WednesdayRCB vs KKR7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium6
March 31, 2022ThursdayLSG vs CSK7:30 PMBrabourne CCI7
April 1, 2022FridayKKR vs PBKS7:30 PMWankhede Stadium8
April 2, 2022SaturdayMI vs RR3:30 PMDY Patil Stadium9
April 2, 2022SaturdayGT vs DC7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune10
April 3, 2022SundayCSK vs PBKS7:30 PMBrabourne CCI11
April 4, 2022MondaySRH vs LSG7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium12
April 5, 2022TuesdayRR vs RCB7:30 PMWankhede Stadium13
April 6, 2022WednesdayKKR vs MI7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune14
April 7, 2022ThursdayLSG vs DC7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium15
April 8, 2022FridayPBKS vs GT7:30 PMBrabourne CCI16
April 9, 2022SaturdayCSK vs SRH3:30 PMDY Patil Stadium17
April 9, 2022SaturdayRCB vs MI7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune18
April 10, 2022SundayKKR vs DC3:30 PMBrabourne CCI19
April 10, 2022SundayRR vs LSG7:30 PMWankhede Stadium20
April 11, 2022MondaySRH vs GT7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium21
April 12, 2022TuesdayCSK vs RCB7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium22
April 13, 2022WednesdayMI vs PBKS7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune23
April 14, 2022ThursdayRR vs GT7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium24
April 15, 2022FridaySRH vs KKR7:30 PMBrabourne CCI25
April 16, 2022SaturdayMI vs LSG3:30 PMBrabourne CCI26
April 16, 2022SaturdayDC vs RCB7:30 PMWankhede Stadium27
April 17, 2022SundayPBKS vs SRH3:30 PMBrabourne CCI28
April 17, 2022SundayGT vs CSK7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune29
April 18, 2022MondayRR vs KKR7:30 PMBrabourne CCI30
April 19, 2022TuesdayLSG vs RCB7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium31
April 20, 2022WednesdayDC vs PBKS7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune32
April 21, 2022ThursdayMI vs CSK7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium33
April 22, 2022FridayDC vs RR7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune34
April 23, 2022SaturdayKKR vs GJ3:30 PMDY Patil Stadium35
April 23, 2022SaturdayRCB vs SRH7:30 PMBrabourne CCI36
April 24, 2022SundayLSG vs MI7:30 PMWankhede Stadium37
April 25, 2022MondayPBKS vs CSK7:30 PMWankhede Stadium38
April 26, 2022TuesdayRCB vs RR7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune39
April 27, 2022WednesdayGT vs SRH7:30 PMWankhede Stadium40
April 28, 2022ThursdayDC vs KKR7:30 PMWankhede Stadium41
April 29, 2022FridayPBKS vs LSG7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune42
April 30, 2022SaturdayGT vs RCB3:30 PMBrabourne CCI43
April 30, 2022SaturdayRR vs MI7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium44
May 1, 2022SundayDC vs LSG3:30 PMWankhede Stadium45
May 1, 2022SundaySRH vs CSK7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune46
May 2, 2022MondayKKR vs RR7:30 PMWankhede Stadium47
May 3, 2022TuesdayGT vs PBKS7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium48
May 4, 2022WednesdayRCB vs CSK7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune49
May 5, 2022ThursdayDC vs SRH7:30 PMBrabourne CCI50
May 6, 2022FridayGT vs MI7:30 PMBrabourne CCI51
May 7, 2022SaturdayPBKS vs RR3:30 PMWankhede Stadium52
May 7, 2022SaturdayLSG vs KKR3:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune53
May 8, 2022SundaySRH vs RCB3:30 PMWankhede Stadium54
May 8, 2022SundayCSK vs DC3:30 PMDY Patil Stadium55
May 9, 2022MondayMI vs KKR7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium56
May 10, 2022TuesdayLSG vs GT7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune57
May 11, 2022WednesdayRR vs DC7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium58
May 12, 2022ThursdayCSK vs MI7:30 PMWankhede Stadium59
May 13, 2022FridayRCB vs PBKS7:30 PMBrabourne CCI60
May 14, 2022SaturdayKKR vs SRH7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune61
May 15, 2022SundayCSK vs GT3:30 PMWankhede Stadium62
May 15, 2022SundayLSG vs RR7:30 PMBrabourne CCI63
May 16, 2022MondayPBKS vs DC7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium64
May 17, 2022TuesdayMI vs SRH7:30 PMWankhede Stadium65
May 18, 2022WednesdayKKR vs LSG7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium66
May 19, 2022ThursdayRCB vs GT7:30 PMWankhede Stadium67
May 20, 2022FridayRR vs CSK7:30 PMBrabourne CCI68
May 21, 2022SaturdayMI vs DC7:30 PMWankhede Stadium69
May 22, 2022SundaySRH vs PBKS7:30 PMWankhede Stadium70
IPL 2022 Complete Schedule, 70 League Matches, 4 Venues, 55 Matches in Mumbai, 15 matches in Pune MCA Stadium. First Time IPL is happening in India with only One State That is Maharashtra | IPL 2022 in Maharashtra.

Here is the IPL 2022 complete schedule with standard table [schedule, match timings, dates, venues]

DayDateMatchTime (IST)Venue
SaturdayMarch 26, 2022CSK vs KKR7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
SundayMarch 27, 2022DC vs MI3:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
SundayMarch 27, 2022PBKS vs RCB7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
MondayMarch 28, 2022GT vs LSG7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
TuesdayMarch 29, 2022SRH vs RR7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
WednesdayMarch 30, 2022RCB vs KKR7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
ThursdayMarch 31, 2022LSG vs CSK7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
FridayApril 1, 2022KKR vs PBKS7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
SaturdayApril 2, 2022MI vs RR3:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
SaturdayApril 2, 2022GT vs DC7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
SundayApril 3, 2022CSK vs PBKS7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
MondayApril 4, 2022SRH vs LSG7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
TuesdayApril 5, 2022RR vs RCB7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
WednesdayApril 6, 2022KKR vs MI7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
ThursdayApril 7, 2022LSG vs DC7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
FridayApril 8, 2022PBKS vs GT7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
SaturdayApril 9, 2022CSK vs SRH3:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
SaturdayApril 9, 2022RCB vs MI7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
SundayApril 10, 2022KKR vs DC3:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
SundayApril 10, 2022RR vs LSG7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
MondayApril 11, 2022SRH vs GT7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
TuesdayApril 12, 2022CSK vs RCB7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
WednesdayApril 13, 2022MI vs PBKS7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
ThursdayApril 14, 2022RR vs GT7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
FridayApril 15, 2022SRH vs KKR7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
SaturdayApril 16, 2022MI vs LSG3:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
SaturdayApril 16, 2022DC vs RCB7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
SundayApril 17, 2022PBKS vs SRH3:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
SundayApril 17, 2022GT vs CSK7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
MondayApril 18, 2022RR vs KKR7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
TuesdayApril 19, 2022LSG vs RCB7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
WednesdayApril 20, 2022DC vs PBKS7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
ThursdayApril 21, 2022MI vs CSK7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
FridayApril 22, 2022DC vs RR7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
SaturdayApril 23, 2022KKR vs GJ3:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
SaturdayApril 23, 2022RCB vs SRH7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
SundayApril 24, 2022LSG vs MI7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
MondayApril 25, 2022PBKS vs CSK7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
TuesdayApril 26, 2022RCB vs RR7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
WednesdayApril 27, 2022GT vs SRH7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
ThursdayApril 28, 2022DC vs KKR7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
FridayApril 29, 2022PBKS vs LSG7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
SaturdayApril 30, 2022GT vs RCB3:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
SaturdayApril 30, 2022RR vs MI7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
SundayMay 1, 2022DC vs LSG3:30 PMWankhede Stadium
SundayMay 1, 2022SRH vs CSK7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
MondayMay 2, 2022KKR vs RR7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
TuesdayMay 3, 2022GT vs PBKS7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
WednesdayMay 4, 2022RCB vs CSK7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
ThursdayMay 5, 2022DC vs SRH7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
FridayMay 6, 2022GT vs MI7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
SaturdayMay 7, 2022PBKS vs RR3:30 PMWankhede Stadium
SaturdayMay 7, 2022LSG vs KKR3:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
SundayMay 8, 2022SRH vs RCB3:30 PMWankhede Stadium
SundayMay 8, 2022CSK vs DC3:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
MondayMay 9, 2022MI vs KKR7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
TuesdayMay 10, 2022LSG vs GT7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
WednesdayMay 11, 2022RR vs DC7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
ThursdayMay 12, 2022CSK vs MI7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
FridayMay 13, 2022RCB vs PBKS7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
SaturdayMay 14, 2022KKR vs SRH7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
SundayMay 15, 2022CSK vs GT3:30 PMWankhede Stadium
SundayMay 15, 2022LSG vs RR7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
MondayMay 16, 2022PBKS vs DC7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
TuesdayMay 17, 2022MI vs SRH7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
WednesdayMay 18, 2022KKR vs LSG7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
ThursdayMay 19, 2022RCB vs GT7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
FridayMay 20, 2022RR vs CSK7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
SaturdayMay 21, 2022MI vs DC7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
SundayMay 22, 2022SRH vs PBKS7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
IPL 2022 Complete Schedule

IPL 2022 Schedule in Image

IPL 2022 Schedule in Image (Complete Schedule in Photo, JPG format)

IPL 2022 Chennai Super Kings PDF Download

Download the IPL 2022 Schedule PDF here. IPL 2022 Schedule in PDF and Option to get it downloaded for free.

IPL 2022 Chennai Super Kings Schedule (CSK)

Chennai Super Kings IPL 2022 schedule, match timings, dates, venues

Match No.DayDateMatchTime (IST)Venue
1SaturdayMarch 26, 2022CSK vs KKR7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
7ThursdayMarch 31, 2022LSG vs CSK7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
11SundayApril 3, 2022CSK vs PBKS7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI
17SaturdayApril 9, 2022CSK vs SRH3:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
22TuesdayApril 12, 2022CSK vs RCB7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
29SundayApril 17, 2022GT vs CSK7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
33ThursdayApril 21, 2022MI vs CSK7:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
38MondayApril 25, 2022PBKS vs CSK7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
46SundayMay 1, 2022SRH vs CSK7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
49WednesdayMay 4, 2022RCB vs CSK7:30 PMMCA Stadium, Pune
55SundayMay 8, 2022CSK vs DC3:30 PMDY Patil Stadium
59ThursdayMay 12, 2022CSK vs MI7:30 PMWankhede Stadium
62SundayMay 15, 2022CSK vs GT3:30 PMWankhede Stadium
68FridayMay 20, 2022RR vs CSK7:30 PMBrabourne – CCI

IPL 2022 Schedule XLS Download

IPL Teams

NoIPL Team
1Delhi Capitals
2Chennai Super Kings
3Royal Challengers Bangalore
4Kolkata Knight Riders
5Mumbai Indians
6Punjab Kings
7Rajasthan Royals
8Sunrisers Hyderabad
9Lucknow Super Giants
10Gujrat Titans

IPL Winner History

Indian Premier League winner’s history. Let’s see who is going to win this season title?

IPL SeasonYearWinner Team (Champion)
142021Chennai Super Kings
132020Mumbai Indians
122019Mumbai Indians
112018Chennai Super Kings
102017Mumbai Indians
92016Sunrisers Hyderabad
82015Mumbai Indians
72014Kolkata Knight Riders
62013Mumbai Indians
52012Kolkata Knight Riders
42011Chennai Super Kings
32010Chennai Super Kings
22009Deccan Chargers
12008Rajasthan Royal

IPL Squad 2022

IPL Squad 2022: Final Squad List for all 10 Teams. Check it out!

IPL Squad 2022 – CSK

CSK Squad: Chennai Super Kings (CSK) Teams and Players are Ruturaj Gaikwad, Ambati Rayudu, Moeen Ali, MS Dhoni, Ravindra Jadeja, Shivam Dube, Deepak Chahar, Dwayne Bravo, Robin Uthappa, KM Asif, Tushar Deshpande, Maheesh Theekshana, N Jagadeesan, Hari Nishaanth, Subhranshu Senapati, Mukesh Choudhary, Simarjeet Singh, Rajvardhan Hangargekar, Bhagath Varma, Prashant Solanki, Chris Jordan, Dwaine Pretorius, Devon Conway, Adam Milne, Mitchell Santner.

IPL Squad 2022 – SRH

SRH Squad: Sunrisers Hyderabad Teams and Players are Abhishek Sharma, Rahul Tripathi, Kane Williamson, Nicholas Pooran, Aiden Markram, Priyam Garg, Abdul Samad, Washington Sundar, Marco Jansen, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, J Suchith, Shreyas Gopal, Kartik Tyagi, T Natarajan, Umran Malik, Saurabh Dubey, Shashank Singh, Sean Abbott, R Samarth, J Suchith, Romario Shepherd, Vishnu Vinod, Glenn Phillips, Fazalhaq Farooqi.

IPL Squad 2022 – RCB

RCB Squad: Royal Challengers Bangalore Teams and Players are Faf du Plessis, Virat Kohli, Glenn Maxwell, Anuj Rawat, Dinesh Karthik, Shahbaz Ahmed, Wanindu Hasaranga, Harshal Patel, Josh Hazlewood, Mohammed Siraj, Akash Deep, Suyash Prabhudesai, Luvnith Sisodia, Aneeshwar Gautam, Jason Behrendorff, Karn Sharma, David Willey, Siddarth Kaul, Chama Milind, Mahipal Lomror, Sherfane Rutherford, Finn Allen.

IPL Squad 2022 – MI

MI Squad: Mumbai Indians Teams and Players are Rohit Sharma, Ishan Kishan, Suryakumar Yadav, Dewald Brevis, Kieron Pollard, Jasprit Bumrah, M Ashwin, Basil Thampi, Jaydev Unadkat, Mayank Markande, Sanjay Yadav, Ramandeep Singh, Aryan Juyal, Arjun Tendulkar, Tilak Varma, Hrithik Shokeen, Rahul Buddhi, Arshad Khan, Tymal Mills, Jofra Archer, Fabian Allen, Daniel Sams, Anmolpreet Singh, Tim David, Riley Meredith.

IPL Squad 2022 – DC

DC Squad: Delhi Capitals Teams and Players are David Warner, Prithvi Shaw, Mitchell Marsh, Rishabh Pant, Sarfaraz Khan, KS Bharat, Mandeep Singh, Axar Patel, Shardul Thakur, Kuldeep Yadav, Anrich Nortje, Kamlesh Nagarkoti, Mustafizur Rahman, Chetan Sakariya, Khaleel Ahmed, Ashwin Hebbar, Ripal Patel, Yash Dhull, Vicky Ostwal, Lungi Ngidi, Tim Seifert, Praveen Dubey, Rovman Powell, Lalit Yadav.

IPL Squad 2022 – KKR

KKR Squad: Kolkata Knight Riders Teams and Players are Venkatesh Iyer, Nitish Rana, Shreyas Iyer, Sheldon Jackson, Ajinkya Rahane, Rinku Singh, Andre Russell, Sunil Narine, Pat Cummins, Shivam Mavi, Varun Chakravarthy, Sam Billings, Anukul Roy, Rasikh Salam, Abhijeet Tomar, Pratham Singh, Aman Khan, Ramesh Kumar, Ashok Sharma, Tim Southee, Alex Hales, Mohammad Nabi, Umesh Yadav, B Indrajith, Chamika Karunaratne.

IPL Squad 2022 – PBKS

PBKS Squad: Punjab Kings Teams and Players are Shikhar Dhawan, Mayank Agarwal, Jonny Bairstow, Liam Livingstone, Jitesh Sharma, Prabhsimran Singh, Odean Smith, Shahrukh Khan, Harpreet Brar, Kagiso Rabada, Rahul Chahar, Arshdeep Singh, Ishan Porel, Sandeep Sharma, Atharva Taide, Vaibhav Arora, Ansh Patel, Raj Angad Bawa, Benny Howell, Rishi Dhawan, Bhanuka Rajapaksa, Baltej Singh, Writtick Chatterjee, Nathan Ellis, Prerak Mankad.

IPL Squad 2022 – RR

RR Squad: Rajasthan Royals Teams and Players are Devdutt Padikkal, Yashasvi Jaiswal, Sanju Samson, Jos Buttler, Shimron Hetmyer, Riyan Parag, R Ashwin, Trent Boult, Yuzvendra Chahal, Prasidh Krishna, KC Cariappa, Navdeep Saini, Tejas Baroka, Anunay Singh, Kuldeep Sen, Dhruv Jurel, Kuldip Yadav, Shubham Garhwal, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Rassie van der Dussen, James Neesham, Daryl Mitchell, Karun Nair, Obed McCoy.

IPL Squad 2022 – GT

GT Squad: Gujarat Titans Teams and Players are Shubman Gill, Jason Roy, Wriddhiman Saha, Abhinav Manohar, Vijay Shankar, Hardik Pandya, Rahul Tewatia, Dominic Drakes, Rashid Khan, Mohammed Shami, Lockie Ferguson, Yash Dayal, Jayant Yadav, R Sai Kishore, Noor Ahmad, Alzarri Joseph, Pradeep Sangwan, David Miller, Matthew Wade, Gurkeerat Singh, B Sai Sudharshan.

IPL Squad 2022 – LSG

LSG Squad: Lucknow Super Giants Teams and Players are KL Rahul, Quinton de Kock, Manish Pandey, Deepak Hooda, Marcus Stoinis, Krunal Pandya, Jason Holder, K Gowtham, Ravi Bishnoi, Avesh Khan, Mark Wood, Dushmantha Chameera, Ankit Rajpoot, Shahbaz Nadeem, Manan Vohra, Mohsin Khan, Ayush Badoni, Karan Sharma, Mayank Yadav, Kyle Mayers, K Gowtham, Evin Lewis.

List of IPL Captains: Check it out the list of All Team’s Captain in IPL 2022. The most successful IPL captain, Mahindra Singh Dhoni, The most successful IPL title captain, Rohit Sharma (five title) are the greatest captains of IPL Indian Premier League history.

IPL 2022 Captain List After Schedule

At the IPL 2022, ten captains will take part, the list of IPL captains are…

  1. Chennai Super Kings: MS Dhoni (Captain Cool)
  2. Sunrisers Hyderabad: Kane Williamson (WTC Champion)
  3. Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (Successful Indian and IPL Captain with Most Title)
  4. Rajasthan Royals: Sanju Samson (Young and Talented Captain)
  5. Delhi Capitals: Rishab Pant (Aspiring Future Captain of India)
  6. Kolkata Knight Riders: Shreyas Iyer (Leader by Timing)
  7. Punjab Kings: Mayank Agarwal (Surprise Captain)
  8. Lucknow Super Giansts: KL Rahul (UnLucky Captain with lots of Potential)
  9. Gujarat Titans: Hardik Pandya (Captain from nowhere)
  10. Royal Challengers Bangalore: Virat Kohli or Dinesh Karthik (Undisclosed Captain)

IPL 2022 Profile

IPL 2022 Schedulefrom 26th March 2022 to 29th May 2022
IPL Hosting CountryIndia
IPL Hosting StateMaharshtra
IPL Match Format20 Overs (TwentyT20)
IPL 2022 First Match26 March 2022
IPL 2022 Final Match29 May 2022
Number Of Teams10
Name Of TeamsChennai Super Kings, Delhi Capitals, Punjab Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Royals, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Gujarat Titans & Lucknow Super Giants
Number Of Total Matches70
Official Website of
IPL Ticketing Blog and
IPL 2022 Defending ChampionChennai Super Kings

Group-Wise Fixtures for IPL 2022

Mumbai Indian | MI will play Matches Against

KKR, RR, DC, LSG and CSK twice. They will play GT, PBKS, RCB and SRH once

Chennai Super Kings | CSK will play against

SRH, RCB, PBKS, GT and MI* twice. They will play KKR, RR, DC and LSG once.

Kolkata Knight Rider | KKR will play against

MI, RR, DC, LSG and SRH twice. They will play CSK, RCB, PBKS and GT once.

Sunriser Hyderabad | SRH will play against

CSK, RCB, PBKS, GT and KKR twice. They will play MI, RR, DC and LSG once

Rajasthan Royals | RR will play against

MI, KKR, DC, LSG and RCB twice. They wll play CSK, SRH, PBKS and GT once.

Royal Challengers Bangalore | RCB will play against

CSK, SRH, PBKS, GT and RR twice. They will play MI, KKR, DC and LSG once.

Delhi Capitals | DC will play against

MI, KKR, RR, LSG and PBKS twice. They will play CSK, SRH, RCB and GT once.

Punjab Kings | PBKS will play against

CSK, SRH, RCB, GT and DC twice. They will play MI, KKR, RR and LSG once.

Lucknow Super Giants | LSG will play against

MI, KKR, RR, DC and GT twice. They will play CSK, SRH, RCB and PBKS once.

Gujarat Titans | GT will play against

CSK, SRH, RCB, PBKS and LSG twice. They will play MI, KKR, RR and DC once.

The cash-rich league was scheduled to begin on March 26, and the final will be on May 29. Fans will be allowed to stadium with 25% capacity of the stadium in Mumbai and Pune for the first two weeks.

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