Most Expensive Players in IPL Auction History from 2008-2022 [Updated]

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Expensive Players in IPL: Here is the complete list of most expensive players IPL year-by-year (season-wise) with bid value in the history of Indian Premier League from 2008 till 2022. IPL 2022 Season become the most number of expensive players from a single season (6 Players)

10 most Expensive Players in IPL Auction History:

IPL SeasonMost Expensive PlayerBid Amount in INRBid Amount in Crores (INR)
IPL 2008MS Dhoni (CSK) INR      95,000,0509.5
IPL 2009Kevin Pietersen (RCB), INR      98,000,0009.8
IPL 2009Andrew Flintoff (CSK) INR      98,000,0009.8
IPL 2010Shane Bond (KKR), INR      48,000,0004.8
IPL 2010Kieron Pollard (MI) INR      48,000,0004.8
IPL 2011Gautam Gambhir (KKR) INR   149,000,00014.9
IPL 2012Ravindra Jadeja (CSK) INR   128,000,00012.8
IPL 2013Glenn Maxwell INR      74,814,0507.48
IPL 2014Yuvraj Singh INR   140,000,00014
IPL 2015Yuvraj Singh INR   160,000,00016
IPL 2016Shane Watson INR      95,000,0009.5
IPL 2017Benjamin Stokes INR   145,000,00014.5
IPL 2018Benjamin Stokes INR   125,000,00012.5
IPL 2019Varun Chakaravarthy INR      84,000,0008.4
IPL 2020Pat Cummins INR   155,000,00015.5
IPL 2021Christopher Morris INR   162,500,00016.25
IPL 2022KL Rahul INR   170,000,00017
IPL 2022Rohit Sharma  INR   160,000,00016
IPL 2022Ravindra Jadeja  INR   160,000,00016
IPL 2022Rishab Pant  INR   160,000,00016
IPL 2022Hardik Pandya  INR   150,000,00015
IPL 2022Rashid Khan  INR   150,000,00015
IPL 2008-2022 Expensive Players List

IPL 2022 Mega Auction

Highest Paid and Expensive IPL Players in the history from IPL 2022 Mega Auction. Players Retained by their IPL franchise for the IPL 2022 15th Season are KL Rahul (Lucknow) – 17 Crores (2022), Rohit Sharma (MI) – 16 Crores (2022), Ravindra Jadeja (CSK) – 16 Crores (2022), Rishab Pant (DC) – 16 Crores (2022), Hardik Pandya (Ahmedabad) – 15 Crores (2022), Rashid Khan (Ahmedabad) – 15 Crores (2022).

MS Dhoni was the costliest player at US$1.5 million for the inaugural IPL 2008 Season. Chris Morris from SA is the mostexpensive player in IPL history to have been bought in the auction at Rs. 16.25 crore. Who is going to be the most expensive player in IPL 2022 mega auction. Come back and visit us after the IPL 2022 Auction on February 13.

IPL 2023

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