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Sanju Samson about MS Dhoni, Cricket and IPL 2022 performance

sanju-samson about MS Dhoni
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Sanju Samson Talks about MS Dhoni and his cricket idol.

Interviewer : Which batsman you follow?

Sanju : I love Dhoni so so so much.He may not have big class or elegance but I always admire the way he handles pressure, bowler also the way he rescues the team alone whenever it faces collapse.

He shows heroism whenever he enters the ground for so many years.And when it comes to fitness he works a lot on it, he is a role model for us.There will be 40 metre tests will be there and he completes all those tests as first.He is the most fastest in our Indian team.

Interviewer: Tell us about MS Dhoni.

Sanju : (slowly he smiled) You can see the smile on my face when you asked about MS.He is the hero! not only for me but for everyone.He made memories where we feel motivated and inspired.Being the best hero or best captainever, I feel very emotional and very connected whenever I talk about MS Dhoni.He is a gem, I don’t have words to describe him.When you tend to copy his game, you will fail. You can’t copy him, you can’t get into his shoes. You just have to look at him, clap your hands and say wow.I had a dream to play under MS Dhoni’s captaincy.

Sanju Samson about MS Dhoni – No one can play like MS Dhoni.He is one of the best cricketers to ever played this game.

‘I don’t think anyone can be like MS Dhoni’

Sanju Samson prefers to be comfortable in his own skin

Basil : This helicopter reminds me of the man with the helicopter shot.

Sanju : Yeah MS Dhoni.

Basil : How is he? We have a imagie on him as Captain cool. Is he the same in off screen? And how did he influenced you? I too noticed that even you don’t express a lot but you have

a small smile like him. How do you feel about Dhoni? What was your experience? Sanju : He is very influential person.Some people will have one shade in onscreen, and will be different in offscreen.But he isn’t like that, he maintains same quality on onscreen and offscreen.

I had spent time with MS, it will be filled with quality.I always try to play well whenever the match against CSK.Its gives me a great feel while MS is around you.

“I admired Ab De Villiers a lot. And I learned a lot from Ab De Villiers. He genuinely cares about sharing. He responded my messages and emails, that’s really special. that’s really special and I learned a lot from these legends in IPL.” – Sanju Samson (On ESPNcricinfo)

Sanju Samson is inexperienced captain in terms of international exposure.Still finished in Top 2 that too with no perfect all rounder or death bowler in th team. Wasn’t picked in th Indian team but he is not far away from playing 4 India once again.

Further, Samson expressed his gratitude to the fans for being there with the Men in Pink despite the highs and lows. The Kerala-star promised that the team will play some good cricket and will do their best to bring smiles to the faces of all the admirers and followers of the Royals.

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