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Umran Malik Wicket – Dream Spell against Gujarat Titans 5/25

Umran Malik Wicket
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Umran Malik Wicket: Destruction at its Best – Watch Umran Malik’s Dream Spell of 5/25 Against Gujarat Titans. Umran Malik produced one of the most memorable pace bowling performances of not just IPL 2022, but the history of league with a sensational 5/25 in his four overs in a stellar display of raw pace and accuracy as he toppled the Gujarat Titans top order single-handedly.

Wicket No.5 Abhinav Manohar b Umran Malik 0(1)

Umran Malik to Abhinav Manohar, out Bowled!! Maiden IPL 5-fer to sign off the spell! Take a bow young man! This has been a masterclass in bowling fast, fast and superfast. Another pacy bomb, attacking the stumps, and it’s too quick for poor Manohar who fails to keep it out. And look at Malik go, pumping his chests in delight. It’s been a one-man show from him and SRH are on top comfortably now. What a spell!

Wicket No.4 Miller b Umran Malik 17(19) [4s-1] 

Umran Malik to Miller, out Bowled!! Umran Malik can do wrong! What a bowler he is turning out to be! Makes a royal mess of the stumps once again, and Miller has to walk back. Huge strike this! Pacy, almost 147kph, the batter was late on bringing his bat down in time and saw the timber rattle. Must say that Miller never really got going at all. And he’s fallen just when he should have been upping the ante. Miller b Umran Malik 17(19) [4s-1]

Wicket No.3 W Saha b Umran Malik 68(38) [4s-11 6s-1]

Umran Malik to W Saha, out Bowled!! That’s a thunderbolt of a yorker at approximately 153kph! He was brought back to get a wicket and that’s exactly what he does. Gets the big one of the free-flowing Saha. What a ball this is! Like Gill earlier, it’s Saha’s turn to back away early, probably trying to access the off-side but against someone of Umran’s pace, it’s a risk. More so when he is attacking the stumps. To make matters worse for Saha, this is a lightning fast yorker that’s inch-perfect. Nothing much that could have been done once he exposed all the sticks. Game on! W Saha b Umran Malik 68(38) [4s-11 6s-1]

Wicket No. 2 Hardik Pandya c Marco Jansen b Umran Malik 10(6) [4s-2]

Umran Malik to Hardik Pandya, out Caught by Marco Jansen!! Umran Malik gets the big fish! A short ball by him and Hardik Pandya looks to play a pull shot and is hurried due to the pace and bounce. Gets a thick top edge that flies over the keeper’s head, but Jansen who was stationed at fine third man, moves across to his left, settles underneath the skier and takes a safe catch to bring an end to Pandya’s short innings. Hardik Pandya c Marco Jansen b Umran Malik 10(6) [4s-2]

Umran Malik Wicket No. 1 Shubman Gill b Umran Malik 22(24) [4s-1 6s-1]

Umran Malik to Shubman Gill, out Bowled!! Knocked him over! 144 kph, a fast and quick ball by Umran Malik and Gill makes room. Misses it altogether as he moves away to play the cut, and the off-stump has been rattled. Malik strikes in his first over and breaks the opening partnership which was proving to be dangerous. Shubman Gill b Umran Malik 22(24) [4s-1 6s-1]

Records Tumble As Umran Malik Picks Maiden Fifer, Enacts Steyn’s Fist Bump Celebration. Umran Malik 5/25 against Gujarat Titans on Wednesday was his maiden five-wicket haul in IPL and also the second-best figure by any SRH bowler.

Umran Malik took a five-wicket haul, Gujarat Titans vs Sunrisers Hyderabad, IPL. Umran Malik was one pumped-up pacer. Malik now has 15 wickets, just short of 3 wickets for Puple Cap.

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