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Dhoni Unacademy Film | Lesson No.7 | Watch Ad Film to Break Barriers | HD

Dhonu Unacademy Film Series-Lesson-No.7 Online
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Dhoni Unacademy Film: Dhoni – What a representation of your own life in this amazing ad film by Unacademy. This ad film inspired a millions with Lesson No.7, Unacademy has released the ad film with Lesson No.7 Series of Film by Dhoni. Lesson No.7: Eyes on the target and determination to break every barrier makes a champion! This International Day of Education, make a note to remember Lesson No 7 during tough times.

The film called ‘Lesson No7‘ is a metaphorical representation of Dhoni’s life journey in this Unacademy Film.

Dhoni’s Unacademy Film

When life is full of barriers, a change in perspective is much needed! For everyone going through tough times, this film is like a gush of hope that you too can overcome all challenges! Inspiring millions with #LessonNo7.

I’m loving the @unacademy’s latest video & the next minute it oozes the promotional campaign all over the social medias with robotic captions. Check out the message from celebrities, cine starts, cricketers, players, fans and more about Dhoni’s Unacademy Film Ad Series Lesson No.7.

Dhoni’s Unacademy Film for Inspirational Promo. Trending on Social Media

Sehwag About Dhoni’s Ad

Wow ! This is as good as the helicopter shot @msdhoni . This is your story and the story of every cricketer ever! Reminded me of the numerous lows that I went through to achieve the highs in my career! Brilliant life lesson.

Dinesh Karthik About Dhoni’s Ad

There is so much to learn from @msdhoni. Be it cricket or life – barriers are a constant in every journey. But success comes to those who believe in themselves and reach for the target! Such a strong message and a great film.

Kajal Agarwal About Dhoni’s Ad

Unnecessary criticism is most often the biggest barrier for actors, but the will to never let it pull you down is what directs us towards success! What a beautifully made film – love the treatment, colours and of course, the message @unacademy ! #DhoniUnacademyFilm #LessonNo7


Samantha About Dhoni’s Ad

A lesson for life #LessonNo7. The film portrays the feeling of breaking through all barriers with such perfection that I want to keep watching it on loop. I’m sure I’ll keep coming back to this film for motivation.

Manju Rani about Dhoni’s Lesson No.7

Watching MS Dhoni break through barriers reminds of the barriers that I had to punch through on my boxing journey. All charged up! What an inspiring video

Sonu Sood About Dhoni’s Lession

When you aim high or dream different, the journey is always full of barriers. I challenge myself every day to be better than yesterday, and to break every hurdle that comes my way with a positive mindset! Very inspiring.

Ashwin on Dhoni’s Lesson No.7 Ad

Greatness is always a result of determination and hard work! And as a cricketer, I can vouch for the thousands of times these things have helped us overcome barriers! The film comes to life with @msdhoni. Great lesson.

Anupam Kher on Dhoni’s Lesson No.7 Ad

Limitations & barriers are a part of life and the only way to succeed is to break through them. The two things that can help us do this are perseverance and staying focused on the target. Great way to inspire young minds.

Harsha Bhogle on Dhoni’s Ad Film

There are few people who could talk about breaking barriers better than @msdhoni! I too have had my share of hurdles and I believe giving one hundred percent is the only way to achieve your dreams! Nice message.

Irfan Pathan about Dhoni’s Film

The Monday motivation for life that everyone needed @msdhoni Such a brilliant lesson coming from an inspiration to me and millions of others #LessonNo7. This took me back to the glorious days on the pitch and how we overcame new barriers together!

Prashanth Rangaswamy on Thala Dhoni Film

Watched this power packed video of Thala @msdhoni showing us how to break through barriers in the new ad-film by @unacademy. Thrilling, motivating, inspiring!

Do you believe you are powerful enough to topple any obstacle? If you’re lacking motivation today, watch this fantastic Dhoni’s Unacademy Film video – it certainly gave my day a boost and reminded me to keep breaking barriers!

Unacademy has released a film titled ‘Lesson No.7,’ to mark its strategic association with MS Dhoni. The cricketer was recently appointed brand ambassador and mentor for Unacademy India. #DhoniUnacademyFilm #LessonNo7 #unacademy #film #ad #dhoni #msdhoni #cricket #learning #subscribe #criiicworld #newvideo #youtube

7 Lessons from Dhoni Life Journey into a Ad Film by Unacademy | Break the Barriers.

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Greatness Awaits! This ad film inspired a millions with Lesson No.7 by Unacademy. You can download this film video at

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