“IPL ‘Final Battle’: CSK wins the trophy by defeating Gujarat – the history made by Jadhav”

CSK wins the trophy by defeating Gujarat
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CSK needed 10 runs off the last 2 balls to win. There was a kind of tension in the whole arena. Some had tears streaming down their cheeks.

The heart rate of CSK’s die-hard fans watching the match must have been erratic.

The bowler dominated the first 4 balls of the final over. Mohit Sharma bowls the 5th ball. Hardik Pandya taps him confidently.

The Gujarat team was ready to celebrate the victory. That ball was the first to decide the victory. Jadeja was standing on strike.

The Silence of the Arena

The chants of ‘Dhoni…Dhoni…’ while Jadeja was playing have now been silenced.

All eyes were on Jadeja. Jadeja was the only hope for victory.

Many faces, including Dhoni’s, were confused. 5th ball attempted as a yorker. But Mohit Sharma made a mistake.

Yarker misses. The ball falls into the slot. Jadeja gathered the confidence of all the fans and chased the ball for a six.

The arena shook. Gujarat fans lost their enthusiasm.

Chennai Super Kings are IPL champions for the 5th time

CSK need 4 runs off the last ball to win. Now along with Chennai fans, Gujarat fans also joined the tension match.

Another attempt for a yorker off the final ball. But it turned out to be low fultas. Jadeja faced it deftly and flicked the ball lightly to the boundary.

As soon as he scored that, he raised his hand and started the celebration. CSK fans cheered.

Chennai Super Kings won the IPL cricket series for the 5th time.

Ruduraj-Conway hits the ball for a boundary

The IPL final between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans was postponed on Monday due to rain.

Chennai Super Kings won the toss and elected to bowl. Gujarat added 214 runs for the loss of 4 wickets thanks to the action of Sai Sudarsan.

The second innings was shortened to 15 overs, according to the Duckworth-Lewis method, due to rain interruptions. A target of 171 runs was set for CSK.

It was also announced that bowlers can bowl 3 overs each for power play 4 overs.

A brisk chase started from the very first ball. 1 six, 1 boundary in Hardik’s 2nd over.

In the first 2 balls of the 3rd over bowled by Shami, Ruthraj Gaikwat and Conway took turns to send the balls for boundaries.

With the same pace, they blasted Rashid Khan’s bowling without any hesitation.

Noor Ahmed slowed Chennai’s momentum

Hardik Pandya brought in Noor Ahmed when Chennai’s hand was on the rise.

Chennai’s pace has slowed. Noor Ahmed bowled well in the first over and in his 2nd over CSK’s openers, who had been in action till then, were bowled out in quick succession as Gaekwad scored 26 runs and Conway scored 47 runs.

Noor Ahmed bowled the 3rd over, in which the Chennai batsmen failed to play much. Noor Ahmed turned the game towards Gujarat after bowling a tight ball without hitting a single boundary.

CSK needed 59 runs to win in 30 balls.

Grieving CSK fans

Rahane departed in a cameo role with a 13-ball 27.

Dube was stumbling, scoring just 13 runs off the first 12 balls. He himself was clearly displeased with the ball not hitting the bat properly.

Rashid Khan came in to bowl his last over. Only 3 runs were added in the first 4 balls. Dubey, who was stumbling till then, targeted Rashid Khan and hit 2 consecutive sixes in the last 2 balls.

Now need 39 runs in 3 overs. Ambati Rayudu stood on strike. Rayudu changed the course of the game as Mohit Sharma hit the first ball for a six, the next ball for a four and the third ball for a six. But in the 4th ball he gave a catch to Mohit himself and was dismissed for 19 runs.

The arena vibrated with Dhoni Dhoni. He dived into the field. Captain Dhoni, who is known as the best finisher, ducked out from the first ball. His face withered. Fans were devastated. CSK’s win percentage was predicted to be just 35 percent.

History made by Jadeja

Now need 22 runs off 12 balls. Shami bowled. That over showed his experience. He conceded just 8 runs with some fine bowling.

Chennai now need 13 runs from 6 balls to win.

Jadeja and Dubey were standing on the field. Dube stood on strike. The first ball is the dot ball. Next 3 balls are singles. Mohit Sharma bowled accurate yorkers.

Both Dubey and Jadeja failed to drive the first 4 balls to the boundary. 10 runs needed off the last 2 balls. Ravindra Jadeja created history by smashing a six and a boundary to seal the match.

CSK players rushed into the field. Dhoni and many others celebrated by holding up Jadeja.

Dhoni’s Yellow Squad

The sentence that Chennai Super Kings have never beaten Gujarat at the Narendra Modi Stadium has been corrected.

Chennai Super Kings won the IPL 2023 cricket series for the fifth time after defeating Gujarat Titans.

Due to rain, Sunday’s match was postponed to Monday. Then, rain again shortens the overs.

Dhoni’s yellow army has defeated the mighty Gujarat in the important ‘final battle’ which took place after overcoming all the obstacles that arose in this way.

Mistakes made by CSK

CSK players made a lot of mistakes in yesterday’s game. They squandered many opportunities like dropping catches, missing runouts, giving away runs through overthrows.

In particular, Subman Gill should be dismissed in the 2nd over. Deepak Sahar hit the shot towards the kill leg and the ball fell into his hand and he missed the catch.

In the 5th over bowled by Deeksana, Subman Gill had a chance to block the ball, but Daven Khan missed the line and went for a boundary.

Then, when Ravindra Jadeja came to bowl, he scored two runs out. Both Deeksana and Desh Pandey hit several boundaries. Overall the fielding by CSK players was poor. Had this been done perfectly, Gujarat could have restricted the team to 20 more runs.

Gill and Saha action

Both Subman Gill and Saha started the game calmly and kept patience till 2 overs. In the 2nd over, Gill was bowled by Deepak Chahar at square leg in the 2nd over. Catchall Gill scored a century against David Kotavida in the match against Mumbai. Fans were waiting to see what would happen in this game.

Saha came into action from the 3rd over and hit a six and 2 fours in Sahar’s over.

Gill, who is already in rugged form, hit a hat-trick of fours off Desh Pandey in the 4th over. To control Gill’s run rate, Dhoni brought in Deeksana. Gill hit hat-trick boundaries in the 5th over bowled by Deeksana and raised the run rate. Due to the action of the two, it went at a run rate of 10. At the end of the Powerplay, Gujarat scored 62 runs without losing a wicket.

Lightning stamping by Dhoni

After the powerplay over, Jadeja was called to bowl. Gill tried for 2 runs off the 2nd ball of the 7th over bowled by Jadeja. Jadeja then missed the chance to run out Gill. Jadeja also got a run out to Saha in the 5th ball of the same over.

The turning point happened on the last ball. Jadeja tries to hit the ball on Gill’s front leg but it spins to Dhoni’s leg. Not one to miss this opportunity, Dhoni took Gill out with a lightning-quick stomp in 0.1 seconds.

The much-anticipated Gill was dismissed for 39 runs and the CSK team felt a huge sense of relief. Dhoni, who played 250 IPL matches, reached his 300th dismissal by stamping Gill.

Intimidation game by Tamil Nadu player

Sai Sudarshan then shifted the game into top gear. In the 15th over bowled by Deeksana, Sai Sudarshan hit two sixes at midwicket to complete his fifty in 33 balls. Hardik Pandya encouraged Sudarshan by hugging him after he scored his fifty.

Sudarshan accelerated the run rate by hitting 2 boundaries in the 16th over bowled by Pathirana. Sudarshan bowled Desh Pandey’s 17th over with a six at third man and a hat-trick of boundaries to add 20 runs.

Desh Pandey’s 19th over bowled Hardik and Sudarshan. . Hardik hit two sixes and Sudarshan a boundary to add 18 runs.

Welcome to the duck out

Sudarshan faced the last over bowled by Pathrana. He blasted a six over extra cover in the first ball and a six over long on in the second ball. Seeing this, Hardik hugs Sudarshan and expresses happiness.

In the 3rd ball, Sai Sudarshan was bowled and dismissed for 96 runs (47 balls, 6 sixes, 8 fours). Celebrating Sai Sudarshan’s brilliant performance, the Gujarat team greeted him in the dugout area and cheered him on. Rashid Khan, who came in at the end, tried to hit a six and was dismissed.

Sai Sudarsan scored just 37 runs off his first 27 balls. But after switching to action, his strike rate rose to 200 off the last 20 balls. Sai Sudarshan became the youngest to score a half-century in an IPL final. Sai Sudarshan’s 96 for Gujarat Titans is the 3rd highest score by a batsman in an IPL final.

At the end of 20 overs, Gujarat team accumulated 214 runs for the loss of 4 wickets.

‘I lost to Dhoni’

Gujarat Titans captain Hardik Pandya said, “We have played well this season. We played with a lot of confidence as a team to not fail at any time and place. We won together, we lost together. So is this game. No reason will be given for failure.

Sai Sudarshan’s game is amazing and miracles will happen in his life from now on. We will support him. Rashid Khan, Shami and Mohit each contributed. CSK played excellent cricket. I’m happy for Dhoni, this trophy is written for him, even if I lose, I won’t remember losing to Dhoni, good things happen to good people.”

‘I will come next season too’

Speaking happily after the win, Dhoni said, “If it’s the best time to retire after looking at the situation, I’ll just say thank you and retire.” But I have to work hard for another 9 months and try to play one more season, but my body has to cooperate and prepare for that.

A lot of love, I have received from CSK fans and playing one more season will be the biggest gift for me. The love and feelings shown by CSK fans makes me want to do something for them. This is the last part of my cricket career. When I start speaking here, fans chant my name, same thing happened in Chennai. I will come back and play as much as I can.

Every cup, series win is a challenge for me. Everyone faced different pressures. Rahane is experienced. Other players were leafy, fresh, and confused. Rayudu will give 100% success if he is on the field. Both have played together for India A team. I have faith in Rayudu that he will always do something better. Like me, he doesn’t use cell phone much.”

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