Dhoni's Startup Investments

MS Dhoni’s Startup Investments Beyond the Cricket Pitch

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While MS Dhoni continues to dazzle on the cricket field, his strategic investments off the pitch showcase his astute business acumen and commitment to diverse ventures. Let’s delve into the startups where the former CSK captain has put his money and trust:

1. Garuda Aerospace: Dhoni’s investment in this Chennai-based drone startup in March 2022 not only highlights his financial foresight but also his endorsement as the brand ambassador. Garuda Aerospace specializes in innovative drone solutions, boasting a fleet of 400 drones and 500 pilots.

2. Khatabook: Partnering with Khatabook in March 2020, Dhoni ventured into utility solutions for the MSME sector, becoming both an investor and brand ambassador. Khatabook’s rapid growth, with 5 crore registered merchants in less than a year, underscores Dhoni’s knack for identifying promising ventures.

3. 7InkBrews: Adding flavor to his investment portfolio, Dhoni joined 7InkBrews as a brand ambassador in April of last year. The food and beverage company introduced the Copter7 brand, inspired by Dhoni’s iconic helicopter shot and jersey number, showcasing a fusion of sports and business acumen.

4. CARS24: Dhoni’s strategic partnership with CARS24 in August 2019 positioned him as both a brand ambassador and equity holder. The e-commerce platform for pre-owned cars aligns with Dhoni’s preference for innovation and efficiency, reflecting his forward-thinking approach beyond the cricket pitch.

5. HomeLane: Dhoni’s collaboration with HomeLane in August of last year not only saw him become a brand ambassador but also an equity partner. The home interiors company’s tech-enabled services resonate with Dhoni’s commitment to quality and efficiency, marking another strategic investment in a growing sector.

6. Hotel Mahi Residency: Beyond startups, Dhoni’s entrepreneurial ventures extend to Hotel Mahi Residency in Ranchi, Jharkhand. The hotel, owned solely by Dhoni, underscores his commitment to his roots and local development initiatives.

7. SportsFit: Leveraging his passion for fitness, Dhoni’s investment in SportsFit positions him as a prominent figure in the fitness solutions industry. With over 200 gyms under the SportsFit World brand across the nation, Dhoni’s involvement emphasizes his dedication to promoting health and wellness.

While Dhoni’s on-field achievements are well-documented, his strategic investments exemplify his versatility and foresight in navigating the business landscape. With a reported net worth of Rs 1040 crore, Dhoni’s legacy extends far beyond cricket, leaving an indelible mark in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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