IPL 2024 Starts from March 22 BCCI

IPL 2024: League set to start from March 22, says league chairman Arun Dhumal

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IPL 2024 from March 22: The much-anticipated Indian Premier League is set to begin on March 22 and will be held entirely in the country despite the coinciding general elections, league chairman Arun Dhumal told PTI on Tuesday.

  • Start Date Confirmed: The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 is officially scheduled to commence on March 22, as confirmed by league chairman Arun Dhumal.
  • Home Turf Assurance: Despite concurrent general elections, the entire IPL season will be hosted within the country, ensuring uninterrupted cricketing action for fans.
  • Global T20 Excitement: The IPL continues to be a global cricketing spectacle, featuring top-notch talent and maintaining its status as one of the premier T20 leagues worldwide.

The highly anticipated Indian Premier League (IPL) is poised to kick off on March 22, promising an exhilarating season of cricket. Despite the concurrent general elections, league chairman Arun Dhumal assured fans that the tournament will be conducted entirely within the country. This decision aims to provide cricket enthusiasts with uninterrupted entertainment and maintain the IPL’s status as one of the most prestigious T20 leagues globally.

Amidst the vibrant atmosphere of the general elections, cricket lovers can rejoice as the IPL unfolds its excitement on home turf. The commitment to hosting the tournament within India underscores the league’s resilience and dedication to delivering a thrilling spectacle for fans, showcasing top-notch cricket talent and fostering the spirit of the sport in the nation.

The elections are expected to be held in April and May and that is the main reason why the schedule for the IPL’s 17th edition has not been unveiled yet.

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