MI IPL 2024 Ticket Booking Phases Revealed

MI IPL 2024 Ticket Booking Phases Revealed

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Cricket fever is about to reach new heights as the Mumbai Indians gear up for the upcoming edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). With 10 power-packed teams set to battle it out in 74 thrilling matches, cricket enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly awaiting the chance to witness the excitement live. The much-anticipated ticket booking phase is set to kick off on March 22, 2024, and will run until April 7, 2024.

TIcket Price

Mumbai Indians (MI) fans have the chance to secure their seats at an affordable starting price of just Rs. 990 onwards. The ticket countdown has begun, and the much-anticipated ticket booking phase is set to kick off on March 7, exclusively on BookMyShow.com.

Ticket Phases

To ensure MI IPL cricket fans don’t miss out on this Mumbai cricket extravaganza, the ticketing process for Mumbai Indians has been divided into four exclusive phases, each catering to different audiences.

Ticket PhaseAudienceDurationStart TimeEnd Time
Phase 1Anyone with slice UPI48 hours6th March 10:30 am8th March 1 pm
Phase 2Gold, Silver, and Junior Members (MI)24 hours9th March 11 am10th March 11 am
Phase 3MI Blue Members and BMS Registered Users72 hours10th March 12 pm13th March 12 pm
Phase 4General PublicEntire IPL13th March 12 pm2nd June 12 pm

Phase 1

Slice UPI Holders (6th March 10:30 am – 8th March 1 pm): The ticketing excitement kicks off with Phase 1, exclusively for anyone holding a slice UPI. This phase spans 48 hours, starting from 10:30 am on March 6th and concluding at 1 pm on March 8th. It’s a golden opportunity for cricket enthusiasts with slice UPI accounts to secure their seats for the most awaited cricket spectacle.

Phase 2

Gold, Silver, and Junior Members (MI) (9th March 11 am – 10th March 11 am): Phase 2 caters to the dedicated Gold, Silver, and Junior Members of the Mumbai Indians fan base. Running for 24 hours, from 11 am on March 9th to 11 am on March 10th, this phase ensures that the loyal supporters get the first chance to grab their tickets for the MI IPL matches.

Phase 3

MI Blue Members and BMS Registered Users (10th March 12 pm – 13th March 12 pm): The excitement continues to build in Phase 3, which is exclusively for MI Blue Members and BookMyShow registered users. With a 72-hour window, starting from 12 pm on March 10th and closing at 12 pm on March 13th, this phase provides ample time for the dedicated fans to secure their seats and be part of the live-action at the stadium.

Phase 4

General Public (13th March 12 pm onwards): The final and perhaps the most anticipated phase opens its doors to the general public on March 13th at 12 pm. This phase remains open until the conclusion of the ticket booking period on April 7, 2024. It’s a chance for every cricket enthusiast to join the excitement and book their tickets to witness the live battles between their favorite teams.

How to Book Tickets Online Steps

Here is the step by step guide to Book MI Tickets Online

  1. Visit the Ticketing Platform:Access the official ticketing platform for the event. In this case, it seems like BookMyShow is mentioned.
  2. Search for the Event:Use the search bar or navigate to the IPL 2024 section on the platform and Look for the MI vs RR match or choose Mumbai Indians’ home games.
  3. Select Match and Date:Locate the specific match date (1st April 2024 in this instance) and choose the MI vs RR fixture.
  4. Choose Seating Category:Select the seating category or stand where you would like to purchase tickets. Consider options like regular stands, Fan Zone, or special sections.
  5. Number of Tickets:Indicate the number of tickets you want to purchase.
  6. Slice Exclusive Window (if applicable):If the Slice Exclusive Window is applicable, ensure that you are booking during the specified period if you have a slice UPI account.
  7. Membership Pre-sales (if applicable):If you are a Gold, Silver, Junior, or MI Blue Member, check if there’s a pre-sales phase. If so, ensure you book within the designated time frame.
  8. Checkout:Add the selected tickets to your cart and proceed to the checkout page.
  9. Account/Login & Payment:Log in to your account on the ticketing platform. If you don’t have one, you may need to create an account. Provide the necessary payment information and complete the transaction. Different payment methods may be available, including credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI, or other digital wallets.
  10. Confirmation:After successful payment, you should receive a confirmation email or a digital ticket. Make sure to keep this for entry to the stadium.

Mumbai Indians (MI) Schedule

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As the countdown to the IPL 2024 begins, cricket fans can mark their calendars and set their alarms to ensure they don’t miss out on their preferred ticket booking phase. Whether you’re a slice UPI holder, a dedicated MI member, or part of the general public, the four exclusive phases cater to everyone, promising an unforgettable live cricket experience.

Venue: Wankhede Stadium

Wankhede Stadium, Churchgate, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020


  1. When does the ticket booking for MI IPL 2024 begin?

    Ticket booking for MI IPL 2024 starts on March 22, 2024, and concludes on April 7, 2024.

  2. How many phases are there for ticket booking, and who are the target audiences?

    There are four phases for ticket booking.
    Phase 1: Slice UPI holders
    Phase 2: Gold, Silver, and Junior Members (MI)
    Phase 3: MI Blue Members and BMS Registered Users
    Phase 4: General Public

  3. What is the duration of each ticket booking phase?

    Phase 1: 48 hours
    Phase 2: 24 hours
    Phase 3: 72 hours
    Phase 4: Open to the General Public on March 13th at 12 pm until April 7, 2024.

  4. Can anyone participate in the ticket booking process?

    Yes, each phase is designed for specific audience categories, ensuring everyone has an opportunity to secure tickets.

  5. How can I book MI IPL 2024 tickets?

    Tickets can be booked exclusively on BookMyShow.com during the respective phases.

  6. What is the starting and maximum ticket price for MI IPL 2024?

    Ticket prices start from Rs. 990, and the maximum ticket price is capped at Rs. 40,000.

  7. Is there a dedicated phase for MI Blue Members?

    Yes, Phase 3 is exclusively for MI Blue Members and BMS Registered Users, providing a 72-hour window for ticket booking.

  8. Can I book tickets after Phase 4 for the General Public begins?

    Yes, ticket booking remains open until the conclusion of the ticket booking period on April 7, 2024, during Phase 4 for the General Public.

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