Sourav Ganguly surprise

Sourav Ganguly gets pleasant surprise from Shah Rukh Khan at Eden Gardens

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After Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) beat Delhi Capitals to consolidate its second spot in the IPL 2024 points table on Monday, the audience at Eden Gardens stadium in Kolkata witnessed an amazing gesture by KKR co-owner and Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

Khan gave former India captain and Delhi Capitals’ Director of Cricket Sourav Ganguly a pleasant surprise at the stadium. Khan hugged Ganguly from behind, and it seemed like a happy meeting between two old friends. They talked briefly, sharing a moment of camaraderie that was caught on camera.

Shah Rukh Khan, known for his warm relationships with cricketers, has been particularly close to Virat Kohli, the former Indian captain. Talking about Kohli, Khan expressed his admiration, saying, “I just love him.”

Khan shares a close bond with Virat Kohli and his wife, actress Anushka Sharma.

“I spent a lot of time with him, I just love him. We say that he is our son-in-law; he is our fraternity’s ‘Damad’. I have known him the most compared to other players. I have known Virat and Anushka for a long time, and spent a lot of time with them,” Shah Rukh Khan told Star Sports.

The camaraderie between Shah Rukh Khan and Virat Kohli was on full display during a match in IPL 2023 when the two were seen swaying to the title track of Khan’s upcoming movie “Pathaan”.

I taught him the Pathan movie title song dance steps. I saw him in one of the India matches, he tried to do the dance with Ravindra Jadeja in the match. They were trying to do that dance step, I was very sad that they were doing it so badly! I told them that let me make you learn the steps so that in the next World Cup and other Championships, whenever you dance at least you will call me and ask how to do the steps,” SRK added.

The warmth and affection shared between these icons of cricket and Bollywood are always a delight to witness, adding an extra layer of joy to the game.