Varun Chakravarthy Criticizes

Bowlers Should Embrace Challenges Rather Than Criticize, Says Varun Chakravarthy

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In a thrilling encounter at the Eden Gardens Cricket Ground, Kolkata secured a convincing 7-wicket victory over Delhi in the 47th league match of IPL 2024. While the match showcased some exceptional performances, it also reignited the ongoing debate surrounding the impact player rule.

Delhi, batting first, set a target of 154 runs, with Kuldeep Yadav unbeaten 35* being the standout performance. However, Kolkata bowlers, led by Varun Chakravarthy, restricted Delhi’s batting lineup with Chakravarthy taking 3 crucial wickets. In response, Kolkata chased down the target in just 16.3 overs, with Phil Salt (68) and Captain Shreyas Iyer (33*) leading the charge.

For his exceptional bowling performance, Varun Chakravarthy was rightfully awarded the Man of the Match.

However, it was not just Chakravarthy on-field performance that caught the attention but also his response to the ongoing criticism surrounding the impact player rule.

In recent times, the impact player rule has been a topic of debate among players and experts alike. Indian captain Rohit Sharma and bowlers like Mohammad Siraj have expressed their dissatisfaction with the rule, arguing that it prevents the development of all-rounders. They believe that the rule, which allows teams to field one extra batsman, gives an undue advantage to the batting side.

Responding to this criticism, Varun Chakravarthy had some words of wisdom for his fellow bowlers. He emphasized the need to embrace challenges rather than criticizing the rules of the game.

“At some point, we have to accept that the IPL is completely different and move on. Last year there was an impact player rule. But all the teams are using it better this time than last year. All teams want to use it to make an impact from the start,” said Chakravarthy.

He further added, “So bowlers should not cry and accept it as a challenge.”

Chakravarthy remarks come at a time when the impact player rule has been a topic of much discussion. While some, like former coach Ravi Shastri, have advised bowlers to think about how they can use the rule to their advantage, others continue to oppose it.

Despite the opposition, it is likely that the impact player rule will be removed next year. However, until then, players like Varun Chakravarthy believe in making the best of the situation and using it as an opportunity to showcase their talent and adaptability on the field.