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MS Dhoni teases BIG Announcement
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MS Dhoni – Retirement Announcement from International Cricket

On 15 August 2020, Dhoni retired from all formats of international cricket. MS Dhoni Retirement News wasn’t just a news for me. That’s the moment I realized that I couldn’t hear ‘Dhoni Dhoni’ riot from audience anymore. I will miss the goosebumps I used to have while hearing those. I will miss his helicopter shots, stumping with lightening speed, review systems and all. Dhoni announced his retirement from international cricket on 15 August 2020 on the day of India’s 74th independence.

Dhoni holds the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Indian Territorial Army and is a qualified paratrooper as well.

MS Dhoni

Dhoni Cricketer and mentor – Indian Cricket team

Dhoni a Cricketer, mentor and the captain cool who is not going to charge any fee for being mentor of Indian team, says Ganguly. The tournament is scheduled to begin on October 17 with the qualifying rounds. India kick off their T20 World Cup campaign against Pakistan on October 24.

MS Dhoni Confirms he Will Not Retire After IPL 2021, Farewell will be in Chennai

Dhoni Farewell: Dhoni Confirmed that he would be back next year for the IPL matches and hopes to play his farewell match in Chennai. That gives us the answer about uncertainty of his retirement from IPL and fans, CSK Team, management and board mark the departure or retirement of (someone) with a ceremony or party. Yes, that is confirmed by Dhoni while answering one of his fan’s questions on the interview through virtual Event. (Brad Hogg statement become wrong).

MS Dhoni’s Farewell At M. A. Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai

Dhoni, who led his side to victory in three global ICC tournaments. MS Dhoni confirms that he will not retire after IPL 2021, hopes to play his farewell match in Chennai for IPL 2022. Dhoni Cricketer and mentor is still ‘a superstar of Cricket’, even though he was retired from Indian International Cricket Team. MS Dhoni is not just a cricketer also a mentor; he is a feeling and emotion for cricket fans, and he has a large amount fan-base across the globe.

Dhoni is going to retire at end of the year from IPL’: Former Australia spinner Brad Hogg assumed that the 2021 edition is going to be MS Dhoni’s last in the IPL.

Dhoni Farewell Video: Watch the MS Dhoni’s Virtual Chat with Fans and hinting about farewell in CSK – Chennai.

MS Dhoni – Entry into the hearts of all the cricket lovers

There wasn’t anything special in his first series with Bangladesh to recognize this outstanding player. But later in 2005 against Pakistan that 148 runs from 123 balls was amazing. The long haired Indian batsman made his entry into the hearts of all the cricket lovers. Later on it was shocking to see Dhoni’s batting. His bat loves to strike for sixes always that too not in long span.

  • Mahendra Singh Dhoni announced his retirement from international Cricket on August 15th last year. Dhoni, who led his side to victory in 3 global ICC tournaments, had announced his retirement on August 15, 2020 in an unexpected way through a post on Instagram. “Thanks a lot for your support throughout. From 1929 hrs consider me as Retired”, he had said.
  • Dhoni, though, confirmed on Tuesday that he is looking forward to continuing playing for Chennai Super Kings (CSK)
  • Articles written by fan on the day of Dhoni’s retirement from International Cricket:

MS Dhoni Farewell Match?

MS Dhonis bid farewell will be held on next year IPL and hopefully he will be part of Chennai Super kings team. Final match of the next year IPL will be my last match and that would be the best time for my farewell,

MS Dhoni Farewell Match Date?

MS Dhoni’s bid adiue will be held on next year and it can not better than “August 15 2022”. if possible

MS Dhoni Farewell Stadium?

Dhoni set to play IPL 2022, will play his ‘farewell game’ in Chennai, M A Chidambaram Stadium.

  • சென்னையில்தான் என்னோட கடைசி ஆட்டம், தோனி அதிரடி
  • The last game for me was in Chennai, Dhoni Action.
  • मेरे लिए आखिरी मैच चेन्नई में था, धोनी हिंट।

Captain Cool – captaincy skills mesmerized the world

When Dhoni became Indian team captain his captaincy skills mesmerized all. He showed how to win a match with brilliance. Even if it’s chasing or fielding he knows how to turn the match from losing to winning. And for those matches which are chasing, he is the match finisher who ends up with fabulous helicopter shots. That’s his trade mark. And he did those in perfect way during World Cup 2011. The final’s final six! What a Finish!!

The final’s final six! What a Finish!!

World cup 2011Unforgettable moment for indian cricket and indian cricket fans.

The Undisputed King Of DRS

MS Dhoni – Captaincy skills are the best – Recognized by the World

Until he leaves the crease opponents feared of losing the match. He always focused on how to win the match rather than focusing on his performance. He was never reluctant to play on lower order even though 3rd and 4th were his best positions. If he played in higher order for long definitely the individual records of MSD will be records. He never did that. His captaincy skills are the best. The remarkable decision is from first T20 finals in 2007 where he has given last over bowling to Joginder Sharma and positioned Sreesanth at right spot for fielding. Maybe Dhoni had done mistakes but he learnt from those and did right decisions at right moment. And most victories are result of his captaincy, those marked in our hearts as best captain. @msdhoni

MSD Magical Power Behind the Wicket

Behind the wickets he had a magical power. It’s with milliseconds he stumps out the batsmen from crease. Batsmen learnt to stay within the crease line when MSD is behind. He observes the batsman, bowler and the ball too from behind the wicket. He reads batsman’s mind and instructs the bowler perfectly to bowl him out. No one else had those skills. I used to wait for the release of wicket mike clippings to hear the instructions from MSD to the bowler.

MS Dhoni: The Undisputed King Of DRS

Dhoni had excellent power of judgement. Dhoni Review System is a result of that. He called for third umpire review whenever he is not satisfied with second umpire judgement. All the result were matching with Dhoni’s assessment.



M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story

Another person who has to be mentioned along with this is late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. He enacted Dhoni’s biopic in the best way. Each and every minute details replicated in the reel by him. I thank Sushant for showing us MSD’s story on screen.

Final Words About MS Dhoni – My iconic Hero

Above all qualities Dhoni had one iconic feature. That’s his character and behaviour. No one will be able to read from his face. Never he had shown any excitements or pressures through his body language. That’s why opponents could never judge him. Even after victories his way of behaviour is calm and cool. Yes the captain cool. Even while lifting the cups he will stay behind as if it’s his team who had achieved it, not because of him. Who else can be so. He never overwhelmed with joy or sunken down with emotions. And this why Dhoni is outstanding. No one can replace him or like be him. Love you MSD😍

I’m waiting to see his helicopter shots, captaincy skills, surprising stumping and all through the IPL. Waiting to watch our ‘Thala‘ with Chennai Super Kings to Win This Title for IPL 2021!!! Chennai Super Kings is going to face Kolkata Knight riders in Dubai for the Class of Titan IPL 2021 Title on 15th October 2021, Dubai International Cricket stadium @ 7:30 pm. Don’t miss this it watch our Mr. Captain Cool

MS Dhoni Die hard Fan

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Ravi Shankar is a IT Professional working @ He is Basically from Kerala who lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He is one of the millions of Die Hard fan of Dhoni who he idolised when growing up. He is passionate about Cricket and love watching Cricket Matches and particularly about Dhoni Matches. I am not the only one who felt heartbroken after Dhoni Retirement. Please feel free to comment about this article and also share your emotional feeling about MS Dhoni.

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