Delhi Metro Tickets DMRC: Delhi Metro Rail Ticket, Fare, Pass, Route, Stations, Zone And Timings, DMRC, NCMC Smart Card October,2023

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Delhi  Metro Tickets October 2, 2023: How to buy online Delhi’s Metro Smart Card, tickets and passes for travelers and commuters in Delhi to use the entire modes of transportation run by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC).

Find here more information and All About Delhi Metro | Ticket Price | NCMC card | Delhi Metro

Delhi Metro Tickets are available only in the form of NCMC card with multiple types of cards available to use it as a ticket for Delhi Metro as well as for all the Public Transports like Delhi Bus, Ferry, Taxi and even you can shop at some of the stores in Delhi.

All the information you need about Delhi Metro tickets – prices, how to pay, season tickets, NCMS cards and where you can buy them.

Delhi Metro Fares, Ticket Prices, NCMS Cards and monthly Passes tickets complete information available below for your reference. Enjoy riding in Delhii Metro and Have a pleasant Journey. How to purchase and use Delhi Metro Tickets, what is the prices, types of cards, what are all the zones and kind of Metro passes, what is ‘NCMC card’ and all the details are available for commuters, travelers and students is explained in details.

Delhi Metro Train Icon

National Common Mobility Card

For travel on Airport Express Line

Delhi Metro Train Tickets Icon

QR Code based ticketing

For travel on Airport Express Line

Delhi Metro Lines / Zone and Color

  1. Red Line,
  2. Yellow Line,
  3. Blue Line,
  4. Green Line,
  5. Violet Line,
  6. Pink Line

Delhi Metro Ticket Fares

Let’s explain in detail about NCMC fares, AFC fare, NFC fare, zone fares, ticket fares,monthly passes! Delhi Metro Day Pass, How Much Is A 30-Day Metro Pass, Delhi Metro Zones 2023, Delhi Metro Monthly Pass, Delhi Metro Weekly Pass, Delhi Metro Gold Class, Metro Monthly Pass Cost, Unlimited NCMC  Card Price 2023, Delhi Metro Ticket Price and more.  

For a commuters, get the NCMC Card for regular use to cummute, it can be used on different modes of transport like Metro Rail, City Bus, Auto Rickshaw, Taxi, Radio Taxi, Car Rental. Metro Rail.,City Bus.,Auto Rickshaw,Taxi,Radio Taxi,Car Rental Benefits. Freedom of choice of originating and destination station. Minimum discount of 10% on every journey on every journey made by the passenger on smart card.

Note: Additional discount @10% is given to commuters using Smart Card who enter during non-peak hours (except in airport express line)

Buy a Delhi Metro tickets in online?

  1. Go to Google Play Store or App Store
  2. Download the Ridlr app for Android or iOS platforms.
  3. Register on the app using valid credentials including mobile number and email id.
  4. Buy a QR ticket by selecting the origin station and destination station.

Where do I buy Delhi Metro tickets?

You can buy Delhi Metro smart card in any metro stations of Delhi. When you buy the smart card from the Delhi metro, you will pay some security (50 rupees). when you return this smart card to the Delhi metro, you will get security amount. you will recharge this smart card with minimum recharge 100 rupees. when you are use the smart card, you will get 10 percent discount per journey. If you will daily ride in metro, immediate buy the smart card and save your money and time.

Delhi Metro Tickets Price

Ticket price for Delhi Metro starts from Rs.10 for single trip upto 2 kms. Ticket for more than 32 kms fixed at Rs. 60/-. Here is the complete Delhi metro ticket price list by kilometer and time limit.

Delhi Metro Tickets & Fare List

Fare Distance (in KMs)Monday to Saturday FaresSunday & National Holidays FaresTime Limit (in Mins.)
0-2Rs 10/-Rs 10/-65
2-5Rs 20/-Rs. 10/-65
5-12Rs 30/-Rs 20/-65
12-21Rs. 40/-Rs. 30/-100
21-32Rs 50/-Rs 40/-180
More than 32Rs 60/-Rs 50/-180

Fare – For Airport Express Line

Single Journey Token

StationNew DelhiShivaji StadiumDhaula KuanDelhi AerocityIGI AirportDwarka Sec 21
New DelhiRs.10Rs.20Rs.40Rs.50Rs.60Rs.60
Shivaji StadiumRs.20Rs.10Rs.20Rs.30Rs.50Rs.60
Dhaula KuanRs.40Rs.20Rs.10Rs.20Rs.30Rs.50
Delhi AerocityRs.50Rs.30Rs.20Rs.10Rs.20Rs.30
IGI AirportRs.60Rs.50Rs.30Rs.20Rs.10Rs.20
Dwarka Sec 21Rs.60Rs.60Rs.50Rs.30Rs.20Rs.10

Fare (10 Trip Card) (validity 15 days)

StationNew DelhiShivaji StadiumDhaula KuanDelhi AerocityIGI AirportDwarka Sec 21
New DelhiXRs.150Rs.260Rs.400Rs.460Rs.540
Shivaji StadiumRs.150XRs.150Rs.260Rs.400Rs.460
Dhaula KuanRs.260Rs.150XRs.150Rs.260Rs.400
Delhi AerocityRs.400Rs.260Rs.150XRs.150Rs.260
IGI AirportRs.460Rs.400Rs.260Rs.150XRs.170
Dwarka Sec 21Rs.540Rs.460Rs.400Rs.260Rs.170X

Fare (30 Trip Card) (validity 1 Calendar Month)

StationNew DelhiShivaji StadiumDhaula KuanDelhi AerocityIGI AirportDwarka Sec 21
New DelhiXRs.350Rs.650Rs.1000Rs.1300Rs.1600
Shivaji StadiumRs.350XRs.350Rs.650Rs.1000Rs.1300
Dhaula KuanRs.650Rs.350XRs.350Rs.650Rs.1000
Delhi AerocityRs.1000Rs.650Rs.350XRs.350Rs.650
IGI AirportRs.1300Rs.1000Rs.650Rs.350XRs.500
Dwarka Sec 21Rs.1600Rs.1300Rs.1000Rs.650Rs.500X

Fare (45 Trip Card) (validity 1 Calendar Month)

StationNew DelhiShivaji StadiumDhaula KuanDelhi AerocityIGI AirportDwarka Sec 21
New DelhiXRs.400Rs.800Rs.1200Rs.1600Rs.2000
Shivaji StadiumRs.400XRs.400Rs.800Rs.1200Rs.1600
Dhaula KuanRs.800Rs.400XRs.400Rs.800Rs.1200
Delhi AerocityRs.1200Rs.800Rs.400XRs.400Rs.800
IGI AirportRs.1600Rs.1200Rs.800Rs.400XRs.550
Dwarka Sec 21Rs.2000Rs.1600Rs.1200Rs.800Rs.550X

Fare (Store Value Card)

StationNew DelhiShivaji StadiumDhaula KuanDelhi AerocityIGI AirportDwarka Sec 21
New DelhiRs.9Rs.18Rs.36Rs.45Rs.54Rs.54
Shivaji StadiumRs.18Rs.9Rs.18Rs.27Rs.45Rs.54
Dhaula KuanRs.36Rs.18Rs.9Rs.18Rs.27Rs.45
Delhi AerocityRs.45Rs.27Rs.18Rs.9Rs.18Rs.27
IGI AirportRs.54Rs.45Rs.27Rs.18Rs.9Rs.18
Dwarka Sec 21Rs.54Rs.54Rs.45Rs.27Rs.18Rs.9

Delhi Metro Card Price

One day validity Tourist card ticket can be purchased for Rs. 200/- and 3 days validity tourist card can be purchased at Rs 500/- out of which security deposit of Rs 50/- is refundable. Tourist Card is only applicable in DMRC network.


  • Only One way permitted
  • Validity One day
  • Refund with in 60 min
  • Exit within 170 min, penalty Rs 10 per hour, subject to maximum Rs 50

Travel Card

  • First Time Rs 150 ( including Rs 50 refundable security)
  • Recharge Rs 200 to Rs 3000 non refundable, amount could be used only in metro rides
  • Validity – 1 year after every recharge, max 10 years
  • Same station entry/exit Rs 10 charged with in 20min
  • Web Top Up/Online recharge – At DMRC Smart Card Portal

Tourist Card

  • 1 Day Rs 200 (Rs 150 + Rs 50 refundable security)
  • 3 Days Rs 500 (Rs. 450 + Rs 50 refundable security)

Monthly Delhi Metro Pass Price

Delhi metro pass for 30 days (monthly) available at 5,018.69. This includes 30 days of unlimited rides on bus and rail, including J Line (Silver) and Express Bus Lines.

How to Recharge Delhi Metro Tickets Cards Online

Get Delhi Metro Tickets easily online on PAYTM

  1. Login to the Paytm application.
  2. Click on ‘Recharges & Bill Payments’
  3. Next, click on ‘View More’ and select ‘Metro’
  4. Select the ‘Metro’
  5. Choose ‘Metro QR Ticket’
  6. Choose the destination ‘from’ and ‘to’
  7. Select the number of people and click on ‘Proceed to Pay’ to get a Delhi metro ticket.

How to buy QR Tickets through App

Here is the step by step process to buy QR tickets through android or iphone app.

  1. Install RIDLR APP
  2. Register with your valid credentials
  3. Proceed to buy QR ticket
  4. Select number of passengers (max.6)
  5. Proceed for payment
  6. Get the QR-code/ticket
  7. Present the QR code at scanner on the entry gates
  8. Present the same QR code on the gate scanner to make exit

Metro App Support

Contact APP support centre at 18001213233 or email at

Delhi Metro Pass Types

Delhi Metro CardTravel Types / Travel Frequency
TokenFor single journey
Smart CardFor Frequent travel
Tourist CardFor unlimited travel in DMRC network except Airport Express Line
National Common Mobility CardFor travel on Airport Express Line

Discount on Delhi Metro Pass

How much discount is offered on the use of smart card?

A discount of 10% will be given on every journey made by the passenger on smart card. Note: Additional discount @10% is given to commuters using Smart Card who enter during non-peak hours (except in airport express line).

Delhi Metro Contacts for Queries

The Address of Office of the Claims Commissioner,

Room No. 1, Block B, Ground Floor, Delhi Metro IT Park, East Approach Road, Shastri Park, Delhi-110053.

Biggest Line in Delhi Metro

The Pink Line, with a length of 59.24 kilometres (36.81 mi), is the longest individual line in Delhi Metro, breaking the record set by the operational Blue Line (excluding branch line). It is mostly elevated and covers Delhi in an almost ‘U’ shaped pattern

Do’s and Don’t in Delhi Metro

Do’s in Delhi Metro

  1. Stand in Queue.
  2. Limit baggage to 25 kg. Not exceeding 80 cm(l) X 50 cm(b) X 30 cm(h)
  3. Give way for the Persons. With Disabilities, Sr. …
  4. Keep Clear. off tactile path.
  5. Show your Token/Smart Card. To DMRC Authorized Person.
  6. Take Care. of your Valuables.
  7. For Assistance Contact. …
  8. Check your destination.

 If you damage or lose your token/card?

 if you lost your token/card then you will be treated without ticket and have to pay a fine.

Delhi Metro Timing

The Delhi Metro operates approximate Timings

The Delhi Metro operates approximately from 5:00 a.m. to 23:30 p.m., with slightly difference according to different lines and stations. For example, the airport express line operates from 4:45 a.m. to 23:30 p.m. Here under are Delhi metro timings of different lines for your reference.

Delhi Metro Map

Phase 1 Route Map

Key for map below: Phase 1 | Phase 2 |  Phase 3 | Phase 4

Metro Cards Info

  • Delhi Metro token: Delhi Metro’s fares were last revised and went into effect on 10 October 2017 based on the recommendation of the 4th Fare Fixation Committee in May 2016. For convenience, Delhi Metro commuters have five choices for ticket purchase.These are:
    • RFID token: RFID tokens are valid only for a single journey on the day of purchase and the value depends on the distance travelled, with fares for a single journey ranging from ₹10 to ₹60 . Fares are calculated based on the distance between the origin and destination stations. They were last revised by DMRC in October 2017.
    • Smart card: Smart cards are available for longer durations and are the most convenient for frequent commuters. They are valid for ten years from the date of purchase or the date of the last recharge and are available in denominations of ₹200  to ₹3,000.
    • A 10% discount is given on all travel made on it. An additional 10% discount is given to travel card holders for entering the metro system in off-peak hours i.e. From the start of revenue services to 800 hours, from 1200 hours to 1700 hours, and after 2100 hours to the end of metro service in the night.
    • This additional discount is given only on Weekdays i.e. from Monday to Saturday.A deposit of ₹50 needs to be made to buy a new card which is refundable on the return of the card any time before its expiry if the card is not physically damaged.
    • For women commuters, Delhi government had proposed a fare exemption scheme, i.e., that women could ride free all across all of Delhi Metro’s network.However, this proposal was shot down by the DMRC.
  • Common Mobility Card: A common ticketing facility that allowed commuters to use smart cards in both Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses and the metro was rolled out on 28 August 2018, under the ‘common mobility card’ project.
    • Tourist card: Tourist cards can be used for unlimited travel on the Delhi Metro network over short periods of time. There are two kinds of tourist cards valid for one and three days respectively. The cost of a one-day card is ₹200   that of a three-day card is ₹500  including a refundable deposit of ₹50 that must be paid at the time of purchasing the card.
    • National Common Mobility Card: Part of the ‘One Nation, One Card’ policy of the Government of India, the National Common Mobility Card is an inter-operable transport card that enables the user to pay for travel, toll duties (toll tax), retail shopping and withdraw money. It is enabled through the RuPay card mechanism. The NCMC was commissioned on the Delhi Metro network on 28 December 2020 and currently, can only be used to pay fares on the Airport Express Line.The DMRC plans to makes the entire Delhi Metro network NCMC compliant by June 2023.
    • QR code based ticketing: A Delhi Metro QR ticket is a mobile-based ticket that allows people to travel from one destination to another, just like the conventional token or recharge card. The ticket can be bought online using the RIDLR app. For entry and exit, the QR ticket has to be scanned at the QR scanner of the AFC gates. Similar to mobile-based tickets, there are also paper-based QR tickets that can be bought from the station itself. For entry and exit, the QR ticket has to be scanned at the QR scanner of the AFC gates.

Feeder buses

DMRC operates around 291 electric feeder buses on 42 routes connecting 54 metro stations in Delhi. Around two hundred thousand people use the feeder bus service on a daily basis.

Timings of Feeder Bus operation are 08:00 Hours to 20:00 Hours at a frequency of 10 to 15 minutes depending upon Road Traffic density. However, if an operator wishes he can operate before/beyond these hours.

At present Metro, Feeder Bus Depots are located at Shastri Park, Kohat Enclave, Janakpuri West, Dwarka Sector-9, Chhatarpur, Yamuna Bank, Azadpur.


Network Map | Airport Express Line | Rapid Metro | NMRC

FAQs Paytm Delhi Metro Tickets

Is it safe to use the Paytm application to get Delhi metro tickets?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use the Paytm application to get Delhi metro tickets, because Paytm as a brand ensures to safeguard the data and information of the user.

How much do I need to pay to get Delhi metro tickets from Paytm?

A passenger needs to pay for the distance he/she is travelling from to the desired destination by using the Paytm application.

Who can use the Paytm application to get Delhi metro tickets?

Paytm’s active users can use the Paytm application to get Delhi metro tickets.

How much time does it take to get Delhi metro tickets through the Paytm application?

It takes a minute to get Delhi metro tickets through the Paytm application.

Delhi Metro Rail Ticketing System Facility

Delhi Metro Tickets & Fare: Automatic Fare Collection System provide multiple way with cards & pass to travel in Delhi Metro like Single Journey Token, Smart Card, Tourist Card (1 day or 3 days), Single Journey Paper QR Ticket, Mobile App based QR Ticket.

Last Train Timing

Last Metro From Dilshad Garden

Towards Anand Vihar22:30 Hrs
Towards Central Sect22:45 Hrs
Towards Dwarka22:45 Hrs
Towards Dwarka Sec-2122:45 Hrs
Towards Huda City Centre22:45 Hrs
Towards Inder lok23:00 Hrs
Towards Jahangirpuri23:00 Hrs
Towards Mundka23:00 Hrs
Towards Noida City Centre22:30 Hrs
Towards Rithala23:00 Hrs
Towards Sarita Vihar22:39 Hrs
Towards Vishwavidyalaya23:00 Hrs

Last Metro From Dwarka

Towards Anand Vihar22:34 Hrs
Towards Central Sect22:42 Hrs
Towards Dilshad Garden22:19 Hrs
Towards Dwarka Sec-2100:19 Hrs
Towards Huda City Centre22:42 Hrs
Towards Inder lok22:04 Hrs
Towards Jahangirpuri22:42 Hrs
Towards Mundka22:04 Hrs
Towards Noida City Centre22:42 Hrs
Towards Rithala22:04 Hrs
Towards Sarita Vihar22:04 Hrs
Towards Vishwavidyalaya22:42 Hrs

Last Metro From Huda City Centre

Towards Anand Vihar22:17 Hrs
Towards Central Sect23:00 Hrs
Towards Dilshad Garden22:15 Hrs
Towards Dwarka22:38 Hrs
Towards Dwarka Sec-2122:38 Hrs
Towards Inder lok22:02 Hrs
Towards Jahangirpuri23:00 Hrs
Towards Mundka22:02 Hrs
Towards Noida City Centre22:15 Hrs
Towards Rithala22:02 Hrs
Towards Sarita Vihar22:08 Hrs
Towards Vishwavidyalaya23:30 Hrs

Last Metro From Jahangirpuri

Towards Anand Vihar22:45 Hrs
Towards Central Sect23:00 Hrs
Towards Dilshad Garden23:00 Hrs
Towards Dwarka23:00 Hrs
Towards Dwarka Sec-2122:45 Hrs
Towards Huda City Centre23:00 Hrs
Towards Inder lok23:00 Hrs
Towards Mundka22:45 Hrs
Towards Noida City Centre22:45 Hrs
Towards Rithala22:45 Hrs
Towards Sarita Vihar23:00 Hrs
Towards Vishwavidyalaya23:55 Hrs

Last Metro From Kashmere Gate

Towards Anand Vihar22:47 Hrs
Towards Central Sect23:17 Hrs
Towards Dilshad Garden23:29 Hrs
Towards Dwarka23:40 Hrs
Towards Dwarka Sec-2123:18 Hrs
Towards Huda City Centre23:17 Hrs
Towards Inder lok23:16 Hrs
Towards Jahangirpuri00:02 Hrs
Towards Mundka23:16 Hrs
Towards Noida City Centre23:02 Hrs
Towards Rithala23:16 Hrs
Towards Sarita Vihar23;17 Hrs
Towards Vishwavidyalaya00:32 Hrs

Last Metro From Mundka

Towards Anand Vihar22:00 Hrs
Towards Central Sect22:17 Hrs
Towards Dilshad Garden22:44 Hrs
Towards Dwarka22:17 Hrs
Towards Dwarka Sec-2122:17 Hrs
Towards Huda City Centre22:17 Hrs
Towards Inder lok23:00 Hrs
Towards Jahangirpuri23:00 Hrs
Towards Noida City Centre22:00 Hrs
Towards Rithala22:48 Hrs
Towards Sarita Vihar21:39 Hrs
Towards Vishwavidyalaya23:00 Hrs

Last Metro From Noida City Centre

Towards Anand Vihar22:45 Hrs
Towards Central Sect23:05 Hrs
Towards Dilshad Garden22:10 Hrs
Towards Dwarka23:05 Hrs
Towards Dwarka Sec-2123:05 Hrs
Towards Huda City Centre23:05 Hrs
Towards Inder lok22:10 Hrs
Towards Jahangirpuri23:05 Hrs
Towards Mundka22:15 Hrs
Towards Rithala22:10 Hrs
Towards Sarita Vihar23:05 Hrs
Towards Vishwavidyalaya23:05 Hrs

Last Metro From Rajiv Chowk

Towards Anand Vihar23:15 Hrs
Towards Central Sect23:27 Hrs
Towards Dilshad Garden23:07 Hrs
Towards Dwarka23:40 Hrs
Towards Dwarka Sec-2123:38 Hrs
Towards Huda City Centre23:27 Hrs
Towards Inder lok22:54 Hrs
Towards Jahangirpuri23:52 Hrs
Towards Mundka22:54 Hrs
Towards Noida City Centre23:23 Hrs
Towards Rithala22:54 Hrs
Towards Sarita Vihar22:50 Hrs
Towards Vishwavidyalaya00:22 Hrs

Last Metro From Rithala

Towards Anand Vihar22:10 Hrs
Towards Central Sect22:34 Hrs
Towards Dilshad Garden23:01 Hrs
Towards Dwarka22:34 Hrs
Towards Dwarka Sec-2122:34 Hrs
Towards Huda City Centre22:34 Hrs
Towards Inder lok23:46 Hrs
Towards Jahangirpuri23:16 Hrs
Towards Mundka23:01 Hrs
Towards Noida City Centre22:22 Hrs
Towards Sarita Vihar22:34 Hrs
Towards Vishwavidyalaya23:16 Hrs

Last Metro From Sarita Vihar

Towards Anand Vihar22:17 Hrs
Towards Central Sect23:00 Hrs
Towards Dilshad Garden22:17 Hrs
Towards Dwarka22:38 Hrs
Towards Dwarka Sec-2122:38 Hrs
Towards Huda City Centre22:49 Hrs
Towards Inder lok22:06 Hrs
Towards Jahangirpuri23:00 Hrs
Towards Mundka22:06 Hrs
Towards Noida City Centre22:17 Hrs
Towards Rithala22:06 Hrs
Towards Vishwavidyalaya23:00 Hrs

Last Metro From Towards Central Sect

Towards Central Sect22:40 Hrs
Towards Dilshad Garden22:30 Hrs
Towards Dwarka23:05 Hrs
Towards Dwarka Sec-2123:05 Hrs
Towards Huda City Centre22:40 Hrs
Towards Inder lok22:15 Hrs
Towards Jahangirpuri22:30 Hrs
Towards Mundka22:15 Hrs
Towards Noida City Centre23:05 Hrs
Towards Rithala22:15 Hrs
Towards Sarita Vihar22:15 Hrs
Towards Vishwavidyalaya22:40 Hrs

Last Metro From Towards Inder Lok

Towards Anand Vihar22:27 Hrs
Towards Dilshad Garden23:18 Hrs
Towards Dwarka22:51 Hrs
Towards Huda City Centre22:51 Hrs
Towards Jahangirpuri23:33 Hrs
Towards Mundka23:30 Hrs
Towards Noida City Centre22:39 Hrs
Towards Rithala23:27 Hrs
Towards Sarita Vihar22:51 Hrs
Towards Vishwavidyalaya23:33 Hrs

Last Metro From Vishwavidyalaya

Towards Anand Vihar22:40 Hrs
Towards Central Sect23:10 Hrs
Towards Dilshad Garden23:10 Hrs
Towards Dwarka23:10 Hrs
Towards Dwarka Sec-2123:10 Hrs
Towards Huda City Centre23:10 Hrs
Towards Inder lok22:55 Hrs
Towards Jahangirpuri00:08 Hrs
Towards Mundka22:55 Hrs
Towards Noida City Centre22:55 Hrs
Towards Rithala22:55 Hrs
Towards Sarita Vihar23:10 Hrs

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