Call me Virat: Virat Kohli Commands Love from Fans, Declares Call me Virat, Not King

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Virat Kohli, who pulled out of the recent five-match Test cricket series between India and England, stayed in London for the birth of his second child. After that, when will he return to the cricket field again? The expectation prevailed among all. Meanwhile, Virat Kohli, who has joined the Bengaluru team ahead of the 17th IPL season which will start on March 22 in India, is going to play as the leading player of the Bengaluru team in this IPL series.

Although they have not won the IPL trophy for the last 16 years, the Bangalore team, which is seen as one of the teams that is getting a lot of support among the fans, is waiting to enter the field with the intention of winning the trophy for the fans this time. Similarly, while the Royal Challengers Bangalore women’s team won the recently concluded women’s IPL series, the fans are expressing their support that the men’s team will also win this year. Meanwhile, veteran Virat Kohli, who attended an exclusive event organized by the Bengaluru team management:

Virat has ordered his fans not to call him King. He said about this: No one should call me “King” from now on. Let’s call him Virat. Every year the fans are embarrassed to be called “King”.

Call me Virat from now on. Also need to move to Chennai very soon. A special flight is also ready for us. It is noteworthy that Virat Kohli said that we will definitely put up a very good performance in this series