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Shikhar Dhawan -Viral video: Why did you return without going to the IPL play-off round?

Shikhar Dhawan -Viral Video
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Shikhar Dhawan -Viral Video: Why did you return without going to the IPL play-off round? The father who scored Shikhar Dhawan

Veteran Indian opener Shikhar Dhawan has shared a funny video after the Punjab Kings (PPKS) exited the Indian Premier League 2022.

“Knocked out by my dad for not qualifying for the knockouts,” Dhawan captioned his post on Instagram.

Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma has left for the Maldives with his family. The video of Shikhar Dhawan beating his father just for fun has gone viral on social media, with some players leaving for an occasional tour.

Shikhar Dhawan -Viral Video

Mohinderpal, the father of Shikhar Dhawan in the video shared on Instagram, has been well-received by netizens for his scene of Tamash beating his son like a cinema villain.

Dhawan pushes down and kicks Eddie. Dhawan is lying on the floor with his feet up. When asked why, Dhawan is angry that he has returned home after failing to play properly in the IPL and advance to the play-off round.

Dhawan -Viral Video During Tough Time

This is just a comedy video, Shikhar Dhawan has released many comedy videos like this. But it is a pity that he was not included in the Indian T20 squad despite being the 4th highest run scorer in the IPL.

Dhawan is very active on social media. He also often share funny videos and photos. Carrying out this series, he has shared an interesting video. He shared the video on Instagram, in which his father is seen fiercely beating him. You can hardly stop laughing after watching this video of Dhawan. Dhawan wrote in the video title: “Knocked out by my father for not qualifying for knockouts.”

This Dhawan video has been liked by around 5 lakh people in a short time. Both fans and cricketers have reacted to this video. Sports presenter Gaurav Kapoor wrote: “Complete family drama.” Former cricketer Harbhajan Singh wrote: “Bapu Tere Se Bhi Upar Ka, actor Nikle…is“.

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