Why Brian Lara, 53, still excites and may do so again in the 2022 Road Safety Series?

Why Brian Lara at 53 in WI Legend
Avg 5/5 - (7 Runs)

Brian Lara didn’t exactly set the last edition of the Road Safety Series on fire – did he?

With much regard to the batting legend, Lara excited but didn’t fully entertain.

The Prince of Trinidad scored 154 runs from 6 games, but remained unbeaten in two, one of which led to a fifty.

And that’s the thing about Brian Lara in the 2021 Road Safety Series that hurts and perhaps encourages in equal measure about what could be.

All that Lara managed was a solitary fifty in the previous round.

Which leads to a simple question: can Lara cover up for last year’s dearth of runs in the 2022 edition?

For starters, there’s no doubting the potential of a man who romanticized the art of playing big innings and at peak, made mad runs for fun.

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