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Virat Kohli 100: Get off the throne with the name of Run Machine ‘King Kohli’

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Virat Kohli 100: Many thought of Virat Kohli as the only batsman who could have easily surpassed Sachin’s record of 100 centuries but the classic “Out of Form” shortfall has come too late.

Even for Sachin, the periods of 2005-2006 were not perfect. Tendulkar’s achievements until his retirement is phenomenal.

For Virat, Not a single century coming from Virat for last 100 Matches. The two were the same age when they scored almost 70 centuries but Virat Kohli is currently stagnant.

It’s not the worst of century droughts cricket has seen, but then Kohli has been unlike any other batter before him when it came to converting starts.

What an epic fall for ViratKohli in IPL 2022. From an unstoppable run machine and the nation’s biggest heartthrob to a struggling, distracted cricketer and the prized prop of woke. Somebody has seriously messed with his mind.

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Virat Kohli has achieved a lot in the beginning of his career, if he returns to form, he will become more stronger for the opponent, and when runs come out of his bat, the world admires him. will bounce back boss.

This king can wear the 100th Century crown unless he maintains himself as a player, having already stepped down as captain in an emergency. Unlike Sachin‘s era, there are a lot of youngsters waiting to fill the vacancies now.

Virat Kohli 100: Go for that one hundred Momentum. Get off the throne with the name of Run Machine ‘King Kohli‘.

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