Virat Kohli’s ODI performance Analysis by Year

Virat Kohli's ODI performance Analysis
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Virat Kohli’s ODI performance Analysis: Virat Kohli’s One Day International (ODI) career has been nothing short of remarkable. From his debut in 2008 to the present day, he has consistently delivered outstanding performances year after year. With a total of 41 centuries and 47 half-centuries, Kohli has established himself as one of the greatest ODI batsmen of all time.

Kohli’s ability to adapt to different conditions and his unwavering commitment to excellence are reflected in his impressive average of 57.39 and a remarkable strike rate of 93.79. Whether it’s in India or on foreign soil, Kohli’s consistency and brilliance have made him a cricketing icon.

Virat Kohli’s ODI Performances by Year

This table provides a comprehensive overview of Virat Kohli’s ODI performances year by year. It includes key statistics such as matches played, innings, centuries, fifties, highest score, runs scored, average, and strike rate. This data offers valuable insights into Kohli’s consistent excellence and evolving performance over the years.

King kohli’s ODI performances by Year:

The table provides a comprehensive breakdown of king kohli’s ODI performances by Year, spanning from 2008 to 2023. It underscores his remarkable consistency and evolution as a player, solidifying his legacy as one of cricket’s greatest ODI batsman.

Virat Kohli’s ODI performances: A Year by Year Analysis

2008 – Emergence on the International Scene

In 2008, a young and determined Virat Kohli made his mark in the international cricketing arena. Playing 5 matches, he displayed glimpses of his potential with a highest score of 54, amassing a total of 159 runs.

2009 – The Arrival of Consistency

The following year saw Kohli’s emergence as a consistent performer. He participated in 10 matches, scoring a century and two fifties, with a highest score of 107. Kohli’s total runs for the year reached an impressive 325.

2010 – Establishing Dominance

In 2010, Virat Kohli’s ODI performance reached new heights. With 3 centuries and 7 fifties, including a highest score of 118, he dominated the field. Kohli’s total runs tally for the year stood at a staggering 995.

2011 – A Pinnacle Year

The year 2011 was monumental for Kohli. Playing 34 matches, he accumulated a total of 1381 runs with 5 centuries and 8 fifties. His highest score of 117 showcased his exceptional form.

2012 – Masterclass of Consistency

Kohli’s consistency shone through in 2012, with an average of 68.4. Kohli notched up 2 centuries and 3 fifties, including an unbeaten 183, amassing a total of 1026 runs.

2013 – A Year of Commanding Performances

In 2013, Kohli exhibited his mastery with 4 centuries and 7 fifties. His highest score of 115* and a total of 1268 runs established him as a formidable force in ODI cricket.

2014 – Continuing the Dominance

The year 2014 witnessed Kohli’s continued dominance. With 2 centuries and 5 fifties, including an unbeaten 139*, he amassed a total of 1054 runs at an average of 58.56.

2015 – A Year of Adapting to Challenges

Despite facing challenges, Kohli displayed adaptability in 2015. He secured 3 fifties, accumulating 623 runs with a highest score of 138.

2016 – A Year of Glorious Century

In 2016, Kohli’s prowess was evident with 3 centuries and 4 fifties. His highest score of 154* and a total of 739 runs highlighted his exceptional form.

2017 – The Year of Exceptional Averages

In 2017, Kohli showcased his extraordinary prowess with an impressive average of 76.84. Accumulating a total of 1460 runs, he secured 7 centuries and 7 fifties, further solidifying his cricketing legacy.

2018 – Setting New Records

Virat Kohli’s stellar form in 2018 saw him scoring 5 centuries, including a highest score of 160*. His remarkable strike rate of 133.56 reflected his aggressive style of play, amassing a total of 1202 runs.

2019 – A Year of Consistent Brilliance

In 2019, Kohli showcased consistent brilliance with 5 centuries and 7 fifties. His highest score of 123 and a total of 1377 runs emphasized his unwavering form.

2020 – Navigating Challenges

Despite a challenging year, Kohli’s determination stood out. He secured 5 fifties, accumulating 431 runs at an average of 47.89.

2021 – Display of Grit and Tenacity

In 2021, Kohli exhibited his grit with 2 fifties and a total of 129 runs. His highest score of 66 showcased his resilience.

2022 – A Year of Building Innings

Virat Kohli’s approach in 2022 focused on building innings. He secured a century and 2 fifties, accumulating 302 runs.

2023 – Maintaining Form

In 2023, as per Virat Kohli’s ODI performance analysis, he continued his fine form with a century and 3 fifties, amassing a total of 556 runs.


In which year did Virat Kohli make his international ODI debut?

A) 2008

B) 2009

C) 2010

D) 2011

How many centuries did Kohli score in the year 2017?

A) 5

B) 6

C) 7

D) 8

What was Kohli’s highest score in the year 2014?

A) 120

B) 130

C) 139*

D) 140

In which year did Kohli have the highest batting average?

A) 2016

B) 2017

C) 2018

D) 2019

How many fifties did Kohli score in the year 2020?

A) 2

B) 3

C) 4

D) 5

Great! Here are the answer to the quiz questions:

In which year did Virat Kohli make his international ODI debut?

A) 2008

How many centuries did Kohli score in the year 2017?

C) 7

What was Kohli’s highest score in the year 2014?

C) 139*

In which year did Kohli have the highest batting average?

B) 2017

How many fifties did Kohli score in the year 2020?

D) 5

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