Magnus Carlsen: Carlsen is the Current World No.1 Chess Champion

Chess GM Magnus Carlsen World No.1
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GM Magnus Carlsen is the current World Chess Champion as of September,2023.

Magnus Carlsen – 2021 World Chess Champion

GM Magnus Carlsen is the current world chess champion. To many people, he’s the best to ever play the game.

Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen (born 30 November 1990) is a Norwegian chess grandmaster who is the reigning five-time World Chess Champion.

Born: 30 November 1990 (age 31 years), Tønsberg Municipality, Norway
Height: 1.78 m
Nationality: Norwegian
Ranking: No. 1 (August 2022)
World Champion: 2013–2023

Peak rating: 2882 (May 2014)

FIDE rating: 2864 (July 2022)

Peak ranking: No. 1 (January 2010)‎

Title: Grandmaster (2004)‎

GM Magnus Carlsen is the World Champion for all three time controls (Constant, Rapid and Blitz). In 2009 he became the youngest player in history to reach the 2800-rating mark, and on April 21, 2014, he reached his peak rating and all-time high rating of 2889.

Carlsen has been the top ranked player since 2011 and has dominated the game ever since. As of February 2020, Karlsson was undefeated at 120-games in regulation time, another record for a world champion.

His resume is already big enough to earn him second place on this list of the greatest players of all time, but Karlsson is only 29 years old and may not even have reached his peak playing power!

Carlson defeated Anand in 2013 to become the world champion before the age of 23 (the second youngest world champion ever after Kasparov). He has successfully defended his title three times: Carlson won a rematch against Anand in 2014, GM Sergey Karjakin in 2016 and GM Fabiano Caruana in 2018.

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Carlson can’t believe he earned the #1 spot on this list. According to an interview in January 2020, Carlson says: “Kasparov was world No. 1 for 20 years without a break… He should be considered the best in history. But I feel like time is on my side… I’m not even 30 yet. If I’m considered the best in history at 30, I should have started dominating at 10.”

Top 10 best chess players of All time

Magnus Carlsen is also the part of the top 10 best chess players of All time, that too he achieved the Rank. 2 of All time that too under the age of 30. Here are the top 10 best chess players of All time…

#10 Alexander Alekhine , #9 Mikhail Tal, #8 Emanuel Lasker, #7 Vladimir Kramnik, #6 Mikhail Botvinnik, #5 Anatoly Karpov, #4 Jose Raul Capablanca, #3 Bobby Fischer, #2 Magnus Carlsen, #1 Garry Kasparov.

Magnus Carlsen’s achievements

Let’s take a look at some of Magnus Carlsen’s achievements:

  • World Champion for all three time controls (Constant, Rapid and Blitz)
  • The reigning five-time World Chess Champion
  • Three-time World Rapid Chess Champion
  • Five-time World Blitz Chess Champion
  • Third youngest GM (behind Karjakin and Nagy)
  • Youngest World Championship qualifier (age 13)
  • World Championship Candidate (under 15)
  • Youngest to reach 2700 (at age 16)
  • Youngest to reach 2800 (at age 18)
  • World’s Youngest (at 19)
  • Chess Olympiad 2022 in Chennai
  • Second youngest world champion (behind Kasparov, both 22)
  • Among the ten players in chess history who successfully defended the World Championship title
  • Among the four players in chess history to go undefeated in a World Championship match
  • Highest rating ever (2882)
  • Third highest rating lead (74, behind Fischer and Kasparov)
  • Third Super Tournament wins (behind Kasparov and Karpov)
  • Second highest match performance (3002, behind Caruana)
  • All before the age of 25.

I think it’s safe to say he’s in the top of World. Magnus Carlsen is the current world chess champion.


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